He had taken for granted much all and upon what manner of testimony? The babblings of a half-witted herder! He had asked the men of Heart's Desire to hear both sides of his own case. The men of Heart's Desire had heard both sides of the railroad's case. But he had condemned without trial the woman whom he loved her Constance! It was impossible, unbelievable of any man.

"But how did you kill the old wolf, Ben?" asked Wilbur. "I go in, far in. See eyes glitter. Shoot once. Shoot twice. Old wolf dead. Take out pups, easy. Skin wolf." "Where's the skin?" "Dryin'." But Wilbur was by no means satisfied and he plied the half-witted lad with questions until he had secured all the details of the story.

Hope your Worship will pardon a poor lad whose intellects are not quite right. Indeed, the fellow appeared only half-witted. He had round goggle eyes, a silly mouth, and scarcely any forehead at all. As for Raymond he felt more like hugging the fellow than merely pardoning him; but he remembered that he must keep up his dignity.

When the manicure girls read this they will snort. Because they know him too well. "Of all the half-witted dumbbells I ever saw in my life," they will say, "he wins the cement earmuffs. Nobody home, honest to Gawd, he's nothin' but a nasty little fourflusher. We know him and his kind."

Esther slept with the baby, a little boy of five; the two big boys slept at the other end of the room by the front door. The eldest was about fifteen, but he was only half-witted; and he helped in the housework, and could turn down the beds and see quicker than any one if the occupant had stolen sheet or blanket.

But old Brand was gone to his rest, the elder son had sailed for Canada, and the younger seemed to be a harmless, half-witted chap, of no account. Yet, clearly the motive had been revenge, not burglary. There were plenty of costly trifles on the tables and cabinets of the gallery. Not one of them had been touched. Faversham moved to and fro in the silence, while Mrs.

"Don't you dare do anything to us" screamed Ripley, now beside himself with rage. "It will go hard with any one who interferes with us. "Ha! ha! Ho! ho!" roared some of the crowd. "Listen to the half-witted pair!" While another man spoke up jovially: "I'll tell you what to do with them. They came here to spoil the fun of the Grammar School boys.

The sign of decay is not in the public-house, but in the private bar; or rather the row of five or six private bars, into each of which a respectable dipsomaniac can go in solitude, and by indulging his own half-witted sin violate his own half-witted morality.

Believe me, no one regrets it more sincerely than I do." Mrs. Fielding drew herself together with a gesture of distaste. "Oh, that! I have no desire whatever to discuss it with you. I have long regarded your half-witted brother as a disgrace to the neighbourhood, and my opinion is scarcely likely to be modified by what happened this afternoon." "How unfortunate!" said Green.

He was a half-witted idiot, picked up in one of Melchior's excursions; and as he stated to me, so did it prove to be the fact, that when on the stage, and questioned as a fool, his natural folly, and idiotical vacancy of countenance, were applauded by the spectators as admirably assumed.