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"But supposing there should come too much of it," I said, "and wash both the baths and the bathers away?" "Such an idea is ridiculous. It can be adjusted to a nicety. I am very glad I happened to observe this thing, this this noble phenomenon. I shall speak to Montague about it at once, before I am half an hour older.

The clear soup hot, and the ninety-two Ayala, extra dry, chilled to a nicety and so with the rest of the menu. Glass, silver, china, were set forth daintily upon the fine white damask, under the glow of scarlet-shaded candles.

Movements such as those made in typewriting and piano-playing, when measured in the psychological laboratory, are found to copy each other with extreme fidelity. The human body is a machine which may be adjusted to a high degree of nicety, and habit is the mechanism by which this adjustment is made. A third advantage is that a stock of habits makes life easier.

Unbuttoning his overcoat, he took from an inside pocket, the torn half of a large envelope, and unlocking the drawer of his desk, hunted for a similar fragment. Spreading them out before him, he fitted the zigzag edges with great nicety, and there lay the well-known superscription: "Last Will and Testament of Robert Luke Darrington."

Thus our regicide, Cambaceres, owes his princely title to the shallow intrigues of the agents of legitimate Sovereigns. Their nicety in talking of innovations with regard to him, after they had without difficulty hailed a sans-culotte an Emperor, and other sans-culottes Imperial Highnesses, was as absurd as improper.

The process by which this unvarying result was attained, whatever the premises, might have been stated by Mr Henry Gowan thus: 'I claim to be always book-keeping, with a peculiar nicety, in every man's case, and posting up a careful little account of Good and Evil with him.

By a course of 75,011 observations, executed during the years 1821-33, with the utmost nicety of care, the number of accurately known stars was brought up to above 50,000, and an ample store of trustworthy facts laid up for the use of future astronomers. In this department Argelander, whom he attracted from finance to astronomy, and trained in his own methods, was his assistant and successor.

I caught up instead a leg of the stool which lay handy, and, watching my opportunity, dealt the landlord a shrewd blow under the ear, which laid him out in a moment on the wreck of his own table. 'Now, I cried, brandishing my new weapon, which fitted the hand to a nicety, 'come on! Come on! if you dare to strike a blow, you peddling, truckling, huckstering knaves!

We durst not drop any considerable pebble lest the sentinels should hear, and those that we dropped we could not hear ourselves. We had never a watch or none that had a second-hand; and though every one of us could guess a second to a nicety, all somehow guessed it differently.

After some conversation with Tom Turner it was decided to give the crew a rest, and postpone what required to be done to the next morning. The final adjustment was a matter of extreme nicety, and the electric lamps did not give so suitable a light for such work as the daylight. Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans were not aware of this.