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Still singing and brandishing the tomahawks, which gleamed in the red light, the long procession entered the open space, and danced and wheeled about the great fire, the flames casting a lurid light upon faces hideous with paint or the intoxication of triumph.

"Oh, see here," expostulated Elfreda, jerking herself away, her face crimson. "I you " "Confess," threatened Miriam, seizing the little brass tea kettle and brandishing it over Elfreda's head. "I won't," defied Elfreda, laughing a little in spite of her efforts to appear offended. "One, two," counted Miriam, grasping the kettle firmly. "All right, I did," confessed Elfreda nonchalantly.

Such were the two beings who now came rushing upon me; the man was rather in advance, brandishing a ladle in his hand. ‘So I have caught you at last,’ said he; ‘I’ll teach ye, you young highwayman, to come skulking about my properties!’ Young as I was, I remarked that his manner of speaking was different from that of any people with whom I had been in the habit of associating.

We have seen him subsequently escaping from the confinement to which he had been subjected, with a view to trial for another offence, and, later still, unshackled and exultingly brandishing his knife over the head of one of the objects of his bitterest hatred, on the deck of the very vessel in which he had so recently been a prisoner.

He groped under his torn tunic and found his dagger; then, brandishing it, he burst down through the crowd, uttering incoherent words, and threw himself, like a wild beast, upon the guards. He had stabbed one through the throat and another in the shoulder, before he was beaten down by a blow from the staff of a javelin.

As he reached the door of the hall, the petard was heard to explode, and he saw that it had succeeded; for the soldiers rushed, brandishing their swords and pistols, in at the postern of the turret, whose gate had been successfully forced. A thrill of exultation, but not unmingled with horror shot across the veins of the ambitious soldier. "Now now!" he cried; "they are dealing with him!"

"Now, by the living Lord that made me, the first man that lays hands on her shall die!" suddenly exclaimed the young ensign, wresting his sword from the hand of the corporal, springing between Edith and her pursuers, flashing out the blade, and brandishing it in the faces of the foremost.

Chiffield, who had been listening in the entry, and could contain herself no longer, rushed into the room, and, brandishing a small clenched hand in the face of her laughing spouse, forcibly observed: "You sneaking, swindling, cheating, lying, black-hearted, ill-looking pauper, scoundrel, and vagabond!" "Very prettily said," remarked the imperturbable Chiffield.

But we were mistaken in thinking there were no natives; for scarcely had we drawn near to the shore when a band of naked blacks rushed out of the bush and assembled on the beach, brandishing their clubs and spears in a threatening manner.

I complained that it was cold, although I was in a burning fever; and they allowed me to get up to warm my hands. As soon as I reached the fire-place, I snatched out the red-hot poker; and brandishing it over my head, made for the door. They all jumped up to detain me, but I made a poke at the foremost, which made her run back with a shriek.