Wasn't appearances all agin Joseph's bruthren when the money and the silver cup was found in their bags, and them afleein home? And if the 'Gyptian lie-yers could have got their claws on that case, don't you know they would have proved them innercent boys guilty, and a hung em?

Nancy gave him a scornful glance. "As if you didn't know better'n me!" she derided. "Eh?" "Oh, you needn't be so innercent," she retorted with mock indignation; " you what led me wildgoose chasin' in the first place!" "What do ye mean?" Nancy glanced through the open barn door toward the house, and came a step nearer to the old man. "Listen!

"I wouldn't go for ter say Hopewell is a sharper," he grinned; "but mebbe he ain't so powerful innercent as he sometimes 'pears. If so, I'm sartainly glad of it." "What do you mean, Mr. Dexter?" asked 'Rill, rather sharply. "Guess Joe Bodley feels like he'd like ter know whether Hopewell done him or not.

"That's what I said at the time, an' that's what I've allus thought!" declared Twitt "Why that little 'Kiddie' child o' Tom's was the playfullest, prettiest little rogue ye'd see in a hundred mile or more! 'Oldin' out a posy o' flowers to a motor-car, poor little innercent!

"You'll be hitting the brimstone trail. But if you speak up, I'll keep you till the next bunch of mounted police come by." "Well, Gawd blime me, if this ain't a go! 'Ere I be, innercent as a lamb, an' 'ere you be, lost all o' your top 'amper an' out o' your reckonin', run me foul an' goin' to rake me into 'ell-fire. You bloomin' old pirut! You "

These were thewords with which Will bade his sweetheart good-bye: "Dear Bet, Isaac Dent will take you my farewell. I am free, and I means to find a berth in the first ship as leaves the docks as 'ull take me on board. Dear Bet I was innercent as the babe unborn but it was Dent as cleared me.

I on'y wish I'd got all the money now that I've spent on peppermint lozenges. "That gal in the boat reminds me o' one I used to know a few years ago. Just the same innercent baby look a look as if butter wouldn't melt in 'er mouth and a artful disposition that made me sorry for 'er sects. "She used to come up to this wharf once a week in a schooner called the Belle.

Well, I got up behind the fly, and rides a bit, and walks a bit, keepin' the fly in sight until we comes to the Victorier; and there stoops down behind, and watches my gent hobble into the hotel, in awful pain with that lame leg of his, judgin' the faces he makes; and he walks into the coffee-room, and I makes bold to foller him; but there never was sech a young innercent as me, and I sees my party sittin' warmin' his poor lame leg, and with a carpet-bag, and railway-rug, and sechlike on the table beside him; and presently he gets up, hobblin' worse than ever, and goes outside, and I hears him makin' inquiries about the best way of gettin' on to Edinborough by train; and I sat quiet, not more than three minutes at most, becos', you see, I didn't want to look like follerin' him; and in three minutes time, out I goes, makin' as sure to find him in the bar as I make sure of your bein' close beside me at this moment; but when I went outside into the hall, and bar and sechlike, there wasn't a mortal vestige of that man to be seen; but the waiter, he tells me, as dignified and cool as yer please, that the lame gentleman has gone out by the door looking towards the water, and has only gone to have a look at the place, and get a few cigars, and will be back in ten minutes to a chop which is bein' cooked for him.

The sheriff was waiting near the bar, as if he had some duty yet before him to discharge. A smile had come over Colonel Price's face, where it spread like a benediction as Joe and Alice turned to enter the world again. "I want to shake hands with you, Joe," said the sheriff, "and wish you good luck. I always knowed you was as innercent as a child."

I should'nt ha' dreamt of such a thing. "Artful 'Arry played with 'is stick a little, and stood looking at 'im with a horrible look on 'is face. "''Ow am I to know you're speaking the truth? he ses, very slow. 'Eh? 'Ow can you prove it? "'If it was the last word I was to speak I'd say the same, ses Uncle Dick. 'I tell you, I am as innercent as a new-born babe.