And by now he should be near Martle, and she before him on the saddle-bow." She began to weep and wag her silly head. Prosper made to go, having no time to waste; but, "Stop," she quavered, "and hear me out. Though the Abbot Richard was murdered at his prayers, yet withal he got his deserts, for he hatched a worse wrong than ever Galors did.

"I am not Galors de Born," replied Prosper modestly, "though he is not far removed from me." "You bear his coat, Messire." "Ah, Saint Mary! I bear more than that of his." "Messire, I have it in command " "And I have it to command. Behind, sir," said Prosper shortly and finally. Then he rode forward with Isoult and met the minstrels.

There is, rather, a triumph, wherein the most glorious of the' victor's spoils is that same conscience, shackled and haled behind the . That you should know, and on that you must act. Remember you are fighting for Saint Giles of Holy Thorn, and be speedy while the new tool still burns in your hand." So with his blessing he dismissed Dom Galors for the day.

The man in the wood ha! dead Salomon de Born. Green froth on his lips fie, poison! She has killed Galors' only son. Galors, she has poisoned him oh, mercy, mercy, Lord, must I die?" And then with tears, and the whining of a child "Isoult, Isoult, Isoult!" In tears his delirium spent itself, and again he was still, in a broken sleep.

"That is a true gospel, brother," put in the friar. "The Abbot means to air his gallows at her expense; but there is worse than a gallows to it. What did I tell you of the Black Monks when you called 'em White? There is a coal-black among them who'll have her if the gallows have her not. It is Galors or gallows, fast and sure."

Sorcery, therefore, or incontinence "whichever you will," said he. "Any stick will do to beat a dog with." Galors had much to say, but said nothing. There was something behind all this, he was sure, knowing his man by heart. He judged the Abbot to be bursting with news, and watched him pace the parlour now struggling with it. Sure enough the murder was out before he had taken a dozen turns.

In all the dun waste of raw and cold it was Goltres or nothing for a night's lodging. "Galors has been before me again," thought Prosper. "The place is a skeleton, the husk of a house. Well, there must be a corner left which will keep the rain out. We shall have more before day, if I am anything of a prophet."

"Oh, for that," replied the other, "he seems a great lord in his way, wears your blazon, is free with his money, and he swears like a Fleming." "Bring him to me, Admiral, bring him to me. I shall like this man." So Galors was brought in, to be graciously received by the head of the house of Gai. His blunt manner deceived Malise at once.

"All is well, dear friend," said Galors; "I did but shift and let a little curse. Go to bed, Maulfry." Isoult had the wit to withdraw. What little she had left after that pointed a shaking finger at one thing only flight. She had been unutterably betrayed. Her conception of the universe reeled over and was lost in fire.

Let me see her." Prosper stood melted by the pent passion of the woman, but by her words stricken dumb. He understood that she should think him Galors, and cared little if she did, for discovery must make his case the stronger. But what she wanted with Isoult, what Galors had promised on her score, passed all comprehension.