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"Ye thrawn jackanapes," he cried, as he beat me. "Ye'll pay dear for playing your pranks wi' John Donald." I was a child in his mighty grasp, besides having no breath left in me to resist. He tied my hands and legs, haled me to his horse, and flung me sack-like over the crupper.

Rous further testified in behalf of Connecticut that "Among all the colonies found we not like moderation as this; most of the magistrates being more noble than those of the others." The same afternoon, when he attempted to speak in another meeting-house, the officers, urged on by the minister, "haled me," he writes, "out of the worship-house, and hurt my arm so that it bled."

On a chair, the one usually occupied by Ramiro, himself, sat Madonna Paola, still in her torn and bedraggled raiment, her face white, her eyes wild as they had been when first she had been haled into Ramiro's presence, some two hours ago, and her features so rigidly composed that it told the tale of the awful self-control she must be exerting a self-control that might end with a sudden snap that would plunge her into madness.

"And mistakes were made in the Affair Travenol, old FATHER Travenol haled to prison, instead of Son, by the Lieutenant of Police and his people. "Lasted, I find, for above a year. From Spring, 1746, till towards Autumn, 1747: Voltaire's feelings being Haha, so exquisite, all the while! Well, reader, I can judge how amusing it was to high and low.

At length the company, perceiving A. W. standing behind in a corner neare the dore, they haled him in among them, and play forsooth he must against him: whereupon, he being not able to avoid it, took up a violin, and behaved himself as poor Troylus did against Achilles."

The 'Westminster Gazette' called it 'a book of which we have read every word for the sheer pleasure of reading, and which we put down with a pang that we cannot forget it all and start again. The 'Daily Chronicle' said that 'every one who reads books at all must read this thrilling romance, from the first page of which to the last the breathless reader is haled along. It also called the book 'an inspiration of manliness and courage. The 'Globe' called it 'a delightful tale of chivalry and adventure, vivid and dramatic, with a wholesome modesty and reverence for the highest.

The school- master smiled when he thought of the result of one investigation in the county by law. A sturdy farmer was haled before the grand jury. "Do you know the perpetrators of the unlawful burning of the toll- gate on the Cave Hill Pike?" asked the august body.

But we cleared enough rocks away to feel rather sure there is an opening of some kind beyond; just possibly the passage you are so keen on, more probably connecting with another cave. The Jersey cliffs are honey-combed with them. How's that for exciting news? "Connie haled us out before there was really any need and of course the tide did not serve for us to go again.

There was hanging for the pastors; the galleys for men attending meetings in the Desert; the prisons and convents for women and children. Wherever it was found that persons had been married by the Huguenot pastors, they were haled before the magistrate, fined and imprisoned, and told that they had been merely living in concubinage, and that their children were illegitimate.

My soul is full of thankfulness, and a sweet inward peace is my portion. Hard things are made easy to me; this desert place, with its lonely woods and wintry snows, is beautiful in mine eyes. For here we be no longer gazing-stocks of the rude multitude, we are no longer haled from our meetings, and railed upon as witches and possessed people.

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