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His head went back, he cast a swift glance at Jack's face, whose smile, slightly quizzical, slightly contemptuous, appeared to bite into his vitals. A hot flame of colour swept his pale and pasty face. "I want a job, sir," he said, in a tone low and fierce, looking straight at Mr. Maitland. Maitland, taking his cue from his son, replied in a quiet voice: "Can you hold a job?"

As our stations were preconcerted, so were our signals for plaudits arranged and determined upon in a manner that gave every one his cue where to look for them, and how to follow them up.

The pupil of the eye is somewhat more obedient, as the involuntary muscles of the iris respond to the cue which a strong imagination can give, and the mimic presentation of terror or astonishment or hatred may actually lead to the enlargement or contraction of the pupil, which the close-up may show.

Ellis is a pretty good player, but he did nearly all his practising at his club. I've often heard his mother regret the eighty pounds odd that that billiard-table cost.... I play a bit, you know. Nellie Smith would not try at first, and Papa Smith was smoking a cigar and he said he couldn't do justice to a cigar and a cue at the same time. So Ellis and I had a twenty-five up.

It was an awkward position; and I dare say I got out of it awkwardly enough. I said to her, 'I don't quite understand you. Is there anything you want me to do? Mind, Betteredge, I didn't speak unkindly! The poor girl can't help being ugly I felt that, at the time. The cue was still in my hand, and I went on knocking the balls about, to take off the awkwardness of the thing.

Garrick was quick to take the cue. He did not arouse any further suspicion by pursuing the subject. Apparently he was convinced that it had been Rena Taylor of whom Miss Lottie spoke. What really happened we knew no more now than before. Perhaps Miss Lottie herself knew or she might not know. Garrick quite evidently was willing to let future developments in the case show what had really happened.

What faculty he had of recognising a good place, of seeing that both green spruce and dry spruce were there in sufficient quantity, I do not know or whether he got his cue from the tones of our voice but he never failed to give tongue when the stop was final and never opened his mouth when it was but tentative.

His little face brightened, and his mother having once got the cue, the two women kept the little fellow amused, until his plaister had taken effect. "He's better, oh, Mrs. Jenkins, look at his eyes! how different! And he breathes quite softly " As Mary spoke thus, the doctor entered. He examined his patient. Baby was really better.

In front the sea was spread, a smiling jailer, but even more incorruptible than the frowning mountains. The waves swished along the smooth beach; the parrots screamed in the orange and ceiba-trees; the palms waved their limber fronds foolishly like an awkward chorus at the prima donna's cue to enter. Suddenly the town was full of excitement.

In their eyes Jeanne was a witch, and it was at least their cue to exhibit her as such. They might have put her to death when she first reached Rouen. Some persons, indeed, went so far as to advise that she should be sewed up in a sack and thrown at once into the Seine; but this was not what the authorities wanted.