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It was Semple and West's window, the ground-floor one in the great new Commonwealth Building, of which the town is rightly so proud, and the young man was no other than West, Charles Gardiner himself. A smile warmed his good-looking face when he met the eye of the girl and the dog; he waved a hand at them.

The latter, which is called Christ's Message, took its rise from Luke iv. 18, 19, and is as follows: There is one hymn more I shall beg leave to add, plain as it is, which Colonel Gardiner has been heard to mention with particular regard, as expressing the inmost sentiments of his soul, and they were undoubtedly so in the last rational moments of his expiring life.

BURTON'S History of Scotland; Robertson's History of Scotland; McCrie's Life of John Knox; W. M. TAYLOR, Life of John Knox. On the Thirty Years' War. GINDELY'S History, etc.; Gardiner, The Thirty Years' War; Life of Gustavus Adolphus. For list of works on colonization in America, see the list at the end of Period III. An illustration is what is called the "mercantile system" in France.

She asked Adelle for a week's visit in the mountains, and shy as she was Adelle longed for that week at the end of August as an escape from prison. But, alas, the Gardiner children inopportunely contracted some minor disease and Mrs. Gardiner wrote to recall her invitation. Providence seemed determined to do nothing more for Adelle at present.

It was delightful to once more meet Enid, Avis, and Winnie, and to make plans for various cherished schemes to be carried out during the term; even May, Ella, and Doris proved more friendly, and chatted quite pleasantly with her in their bedroom about their experiences: while Cissie Gardiner and Maggie Woodhall greeted her with enthusiasm. "I've had such a lovely time!" said Cissie.

"Why should I not tell you the secret that is eating my heart away!" he cried, hoarsely. Before he could add another word, she answered, quickly: "Let me tell you why it is not right to listen to you, Doctor Gardiner. I I am the promised wife of Jasper Wilde!" If she had struck him a blow with her little white hand he could not have been more astounded.

This "principal pillar of the Reformation," as Fuller calls him, is said by Strype to have been "an excellent instrument" in its general progress. A Gloucestershire worthy, having been born at Dursley in that county, he was sent first to Eton and then to Cambridge, becoming, in 1528, Provost of King’s College. In 1531 he succeeded Stephen Gardiner as Archdeacon of Leicester.

Bernardine looked at her wonderingly. The cold, hard voice struck her ear unpleasantly, and the strange look in the stranger's hard, steel-blue eyes made her feel strangely uncomfortable. Was it a premonition of coming evil? She was not to remain long in suspense. "In the first place," began Sally, slowly, "I wish to know what your relations are, Bernardine Moore, with Doctor Jay Gardiner.

With the view of entering that state by the way of the sea coast, he detached Major Gardiner with about two hundred men, to take possession of the island of Port Royal. That officer, soon after reaching his place of destination, was attacked by General Moultrie, and compelled to retreat with considerable loss. This repulse checked the designs of Prevost on South Carolina.

"I am sure I don't know, sir but I had better read you the contents of Roswell's letter, and then you will hear the whole story." Mary now proceeded to read aloud. Gardiner gave a frank, explicit account of all that had happened since he parted with his owner, concealing nothing, and not attempting even to extenuate his fault.