You may see it in all the inland towns of the Fens; and one found it again here upon the further bank, upon the edge of the Fens; for though Lynn is just off the Fens, yet it looks upon their horizon and their sky, and belongs to them in spirit. In this large and comfortable square a very steadfast and most considerable English bank is to be discovered.

Elias, and running along the crest of the divide separating the coast slope from the inland watershed at the only part of the frontier where the drainage ridge approaches the coast within the distance of ten marine leagues stipulated by the treaty as the extreme width of the strip around the heads of Lynn Canal and its branches.

The old hospital at King's Lynn was destroyed during the siege, as this quaint inscription tells: Norwich had several important hospitals. Outside the Magdalen gates stood the Magdalen Hospital, founded by Bishop Herbert, the first bishop. It was a house for lepers, and some portions of the Norman chapel still exist in a farm-building by the roadside. The far-famed St.

This explanation fits in well with the fact, to which we shall advert in another chapter, that no small proportion of English witch trials took place in towns possessing separate rights of jurisdiction. This was especially true in the seventeenth century. The cases in Yarmouth, King's Lynn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Berwick, and Canterbury, are all instances in point.

Her father was seventy and needed her care, but he said, "Go, and I will go with you." So she left her Lynn home for the arduous position of a teacher. For four years Mr. Mitchell lived to enjoy the enthusiastic work of his gifted daughter. He said, "Among the teachers and pupils I have made acquaintances that a prince might covet." Miss Mitchell makes the observatory her home.

When you say you're not at home you go and stand out in the garden till the visitors go." "You don't," argued Lynn, "only Mrs. Merrick; but mother says 'No, an' she never does, an' it just means 'engaged, only it's not so rude." "Well," said Hugh desperately, "will you penetrate to the spot in the garden where Miss Bibby's notions of honour may have taken her, Lynn, and say Mr.

Lynn arose suddenly, her chin a bit high, a light of determination in her eyes. She felt herself growing angry again: "Come and look at my view of the moon on the valley," she said suddenly, pulling aside the soft scrim curtain and letting in a flood of moonlight. "Here, I'll turn out the light so you can see better. Isn't that beautiful?"

"You've brought her the only medicine that'll do her any good," said the doctor, giving the baby a gentle dig under the ribs as he picked up his saddle-bags. Lynn Taps made a hasty escape, and reached the saloon, which had been hurriedly opened as the crowd was heard approaching. The bearers of the body deposited it gently on the floor, and the crowd filed in quietly.

There was the envious Kenrick and the savage Wolcot, the asp George Steevens, and the polecat John Williams. It did not, however, occur to them to search the parish register of Lynn, in order that they might be able to twit a lady with having concealed her age.

All this while, with the exception of tobacco, I used no stimulants except on rare occasions, and then always in moderation. In August, 1829, I was licensed as a preacher by the Boston Ministerial Association. In the December following I was ordained a minister at Lynn, Mass. In May, 1830, I was married, and in the succeeding autumn became a housekeeper.