Had he stayed longer on his knees, he might have given way to a burst of penitence and supplication but he heard Bull's footstep, and getting up, he ran down stairs to breakfast; so Eric did not pray. Conversations did not generally drop so suddenly in dormitory No. 7.

And, in spite of breathless protestations that she much preferred to walk, Miss Henderson found herself dashing across the campus in the direction of the sounds. Heads suddenly appeared in the dormitory windows, doors banged, and girls came running from every quarter with excited exclamations: "The sophomores are having their tree ceremonies!" "Where are the freshmen?" "Why didn't they get there?"

The time allowed in their dormitory was necessarily limited, so preparations were a scramble. The four beds were moved and placed as seats, and one corner of the room was reserved as the stage. Carmel's dressing-room made an excellent "green room," and gave the Blue Grotto a substantial theatrical lift over other dormitories.

We find that we can do this, that is to say, we can provide coffee and bread for breakfast and for supper, and a shake-down on the floor in the packing-boxes I have described in a warm dormitory for fourpence a head. I propose to develop these Shelters, so as to afford every man a locker, in which he could store any little valuables that he may possess.

The Jesuit method of education in their newly established "Ateneo Municipal" was a change from that in the former schools. It treated the Filipino as a Spaniard and made no distinctions between the races in the school dormitory.

Chad pointed to the dormitory, and again Dan said "Oh!" in a way that made Chad flush, but added, quickly: "You better play on our side to-morrow." Chad looked at his clothes foot-ball seemed pretty hard on clothes "I don't know," he said "mebbe."

Many of the pictures were to be taken at Briarwood Hall. Mrs. Tellingham, on behalf of the dormitory fund, was to have a certain interest in the profits of the production. These legal and technical matters Ruth had nothing to do with. She was able, with an untrammeled mind, to go on with the actual work of writing the scenario.

With greater intellects more remote the lad had not yet been put in touch; he had therefore grown reflective, and for nearly a week had been spending the best powers of his unaided thought in self-examination. He was sitting one morning at his student's table with his Bible and note-book opened before him, wrestling with his problems still. The dormitory was very quiet.

Traverse took his friend up to his own dormitory, saying, laughingly: "It is an unappreciable distance of time since you and I occupied the same bed, Herbert." "Yes; but it is not the first, by five hundred times.

The first thing in the morning Rupert went to his brother's dormitory to see how he was. He tapped at the door, but there was no answer. Thinking that his brother was asleep, he turned the handle and went in. An exclamation of surprise broke from him. Edgar was not there and the bed had not been slept in, but was just as he had seen it when Edgar was lying on the outside.