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The commissioners for conspiracies being informed by his excellency the governor of your appointment to receive at Fishkill such persons as have refused to take the oath prescribed by a law of this state, and who, by virtue of the said law, are to be sent into the enemy's lines, by us appointed to carry the same into execution; in consequence of this, we hereby send you William Smith, Cadwallader Colden, Esquires, and Mr.

But all these papers of Bernac's must be seized, for many of them bear upon this and other conspiracies. As he spoke he gathered together a number of documents which were scattered about the table among the others a letter which lay before him upon the desk, and which he had apparently just finished at the time of Toussac's irruption. 'Hullo, what's this? said Savary, glancing over it.

At the same moment, in our rear and our centre, Prince Eugene was conquered by the Wop; the draught-horses which had been waiting for us at Smolensk were devoured by the soldiers; those of Mortier carried off in a forage; the cattle at Krasnoë captured; the army exhibiting frightful symptoms of disease; and at Paris the period of conspiracies appeared to have returned; in short, every thing seemed to combine to overwhelm Napoleon.

"But I have told you that I will appoint you as minister only when you give me incontrovertible proofs that your conspiracies are not the fabric of your own phantasy." "Very well, general, now that we are at one, I am prepared to give you these proofs. I have told you that the royalists and republicans have united for the purpose of taking your life.

In less than three years, eight serious conspiracies attacked and endangered the Restoration. Today, after the lapse of more than thirty years, after so many events of greater importance, when an honest and rational man asks himself what motives could have excited such fierce anger and rash enterprises, he can find none either sufficient or legitimate.

Had Scotland been ancient Greece, no doubt Neptune would have been propitiated by a sacrifice. But it was Scotland, and the ever-to-be-feared Satan was not so easily propitiated. He had been very active of late in the realm. Moreover it was a time when Satanic and other conspiracies were likely to come to light. The kingdom was unsettled, if not discontented. There were plots, and rumors of plots.

Usurpation of Boris Gudenow. The Polish Election. Conquest of Siberia. Assassination of Dmitri. Death of Feodor. Boris Crowned King. Conspiracies. Reappearance of Dmitri. Boris Poisoned. The Pretender Crowned. Embarrassments of Dmitri. A New Pretender. Assassination of Dmitri. Crowning of Zuski. Indignation of Poland. Historical Romance.

He was easy of access, patient of hearing, courteous and affable in discourse, and perfect master of his temper. In the conspiracies against his authority and person he often showed both justice and clemency.

Freebooters from the West Indies and the Spanish Main, state criminals, implicated in the numerous plots and conspiracies of the period, felons, loaded with private guilt, numbers of these took refuge in the provinces, where the authority of the English king was obstructed by a zealous spirit of independence, and where a boundless wilderness enabled them to defy pursuit.

They who are to live in the vicinity of this new fabric are to prepare to live in perpetual conspiracies and seditions, and to end at last in being conquered, if not to her dominion, to her resemblance. But when we talk of conquest by other nations, it is only to put a case. This is the only power in Europe by which it is possible we should be conquered.

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