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It was only executed last night." "Never mind how I know it, my dear Reginald. I do know it. Let that be enough for you." "It is too terrible," murmured the young man, after a pause; "it is too terrible." "What is too terrible?" "This sudden death." "Is it?" cried Victor Carrington, looking full in his companion's face, with an expression of supreme scorn.

Now that they were well along in high school, the twins had been put on their honor not to recite for each other or to help each other in any unfair way. There really was a very close tie between them almost an uncanny chord of harmony. Indeed, if one was punished the other wept! The teachers of Central High were fond of the twins all save Miss Carrington.

He actually gave her an address in London to go to." "Pretty thorough!" murmured Carrington. "Now what do you make of that? And what ought one to do? And, by the way, how did you guess Simon was at the bottom of it?" Carrington leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment before answering. "We are in pretty deep waters, Mr. Cromarty," he said slowly. "As to what I make of it nothing as yet.

She had tasted mastery. "Thank you," she faltered, as they came around the second time to her seat. He released her. "I stayed to dance with you," he said. "I had to await my opportunity." "It was kind of you to remember me," she replied, as she went off with Mr. Carrington. A moment later she saw him bidding good night to his hostess.

A lantern's light flashed suddenly in his face and Bess Hicks, with a low startled cry breaking from her lips, paused in the doorway. Springing forward, Carrington seized her by the wrist. "Hush!" he grimly warned. "What are you doin' here?" demanded the girl, as she endeavored to shake off his hand, but Carrington drew her into the shed, and closing the door, set his back against it.

For the officers of the army he had a peculiarly warm feeling, and he had among them many close friends, like Carrington of Virginia, and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney of South Carolina.

He'd rather see you with a pretty hat than a halo any day; and I know your kind, Mis' Carrington. You'll go into fits and have to be put to bed if your dress don't fit, but if your Robert lost his money, you'd give him your diamonds to sell so's to start him again and I'm sure he knows it too." Mrs. Carrington was quiet for a few moments.

Carrington, who for a moment rid herself of Raymond and now came near Ashton and Florence. She had heard them speak of Dr. Lacey and Fanny, and as she knew Florence was soon going to New Orleans, she wished to give her a little Frankfort gossip to take with her. "Oh, Mrs. Carrington," said Mr. Ashton, bowing politely, "allow me to introduce Miss Woodburn.

"How much longer will he be confined to the house?" she asked. "I heard him 'low to Mas'r Carrington, Miss, as how he reckoned he'd take a hossback ride to-morrow evenin' if the black and blue was all come out of his features " "Oh " gasped Betty. "Seems like they was mighty careless whar' they put their feet, don't it, Miss?" said Jeff.

My name is not Carrington. I am Viscomte Champfontaine, of Champfontaine, in the department of Charente, and my name was once the grandest in western France; but the Revolution robbed us of lands and wealth, and there remain now but four rugged stone towers of that splendid chateau which once rose proudly above the woods of Champfontaine, like a picture by Gustave Dore.