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This is but a faint glimpse, of the suffering to which colored stewards are subjected in the Charleston jail. There were no less than sixty-three cases of colored seamen imprisoned on this charge of "contrary to law," during the calendar year ending on the twelfth of September, 1852.

"Sovereign of the Seas," built 1852; tonnage 2421; ran 6,245 miles in 22 days; 436 miles in one day; for four days her average was 398 miles. "Lightning," built 1854; tonnage 2084; ran 436 miles in 24 hours, drawing 22 feet; from England to Calcutta with troops, in 87 days, beating other sailing vessels by from 16 to 40 days; from Boston to Liverpool in 13 days 20 hours.

This project, successfully carried out between 1854 and 1857, had another and still larger one superposed upon it before it had even begun to be executed. In 1852, while the Redhill Observatory was in course of erection, the discovery of the coincidence between the sun-spot and magnetic periods was announced.

Lieutenant Colonel Orrin J. Crane. Orrin J. Crane was born in Troy, New York, in 1829. When he was three years old his parents removed to Vermont, where his father died soon after, leaving his wife and children poorly provided for. Young Crane was taken, whilst still a small boy, by an uncle, and about the year 1852, he came in charge of his relative to Conneaut, where he worked as a mechanic.

J.R. Clay, the chargé d'affaires of the United States at Lima, to the Secretary of State, bearing date the 6th December last, is also transmitted for the information of the Senate. WASHINGTON, February 10, 1852.

In 1852 an expedition was sent to Japan, under the command of Commodore Perry, for the purpose of opening commercial intercourse with that Empire. Intelligence has been received of his arrival there and of his having made known to the Emperor of Japan the object of his visit.

The number of emigrants in 1852 was largely in excess of those of 1851. "At Quebec in particular, we read that 'the mortality is appalling; it was denominated The Ship Fever." British American Journal. "Upwards of £100,000 was expended in relieving the sick and destitute emigrants landed in Canada in 1847." Nicholls' History of the Irish Poorlaw, p. 327 note. Dr.

It was chartered under the general law authorizing the incorporation of iron manufacturing companies, in the year 1852. The purpose was to operate four old-fashioned charcoal furnaces, located in and about Johnstown, some of which had been erected many years before. Johnstown was then a village of 1300 inhabitants.

There was a brief and simple service at the house, and then the body was borne on the shoulders of Marshfield farmers, and laid in the little graveyard which already held the wife and children who had gone before, and where could be heard the eternal murmur of the sea. In May, 1852, Mr. Webster said to Professor Silliman: "I have given my life to law and politics.

Their son Jean died at Pokemouche in August, 1852, at the extraordinary age of 112 years, leaving a son Moise who died at Rogersville in March, 1893, aged over 96 yeas. The united age of these four individuals father, mother, son and grandson are equivalent to the extraordinary sum total of 404 years.