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Simitch, diplomatic agent at Sofia, insisted that under such an autonomy Bulgarian annexation was concealed and should that take place, the Serbs would fight till either Serbia or Bulgaria was destroyed. Both men thus admitted that Macedonia was not Serb. But they wanted Bulgar aid to crush the Albanian, in order that Serbia might take Albanian territory. "Heads I win; tails you lose."

By the annexation of Texas a system of territorial aggrandizement was inaugurated; and the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, by which California, Utah, and New Mexico were acquired, was a legitimate result. Every child knows that the tendency is toward the acquisition of all North America.

If the phrase means that reciprocity might lead to annexation, Canada's repudiation of reciprocity is sufficient disproof of the imputation.

I do not know what elegant names have been given to the Floridas, the Iowa, or any of the other territories, but no doubt they are equally significant. Texas, I suppose, will be called Annexation State. This information, although it appears frivolous, is very useful, as without it much of the perpetual war of politics in the States cannot be understood.

Falsehood and bribery are supposed to have been the great levers used to effect the change, together with threats of extinction at the hands of a savage and unfriendly nation. That the Annexation was a triumph of mind over matter is quite true, but whether or not that triumph was unworthily obtained, I will leave those who read this short chronicle of the events connected with it to judge.

Archduke Cardinal Albert appointed governor of the Netherlands Return of Philip William from captivity His adherence to the King of Spain Notice of the Marquis of Varambon, Count Varax, and other new officers Henry's communications with Queen Elizabeth Madame de Monceaux Conversation of Henry with the English ambassador Marseilles secured by the Duke of Guise The fort of Rysbank taken by De Roane Calais in the hands of the Spanish Assistance from England solicited by Henry Unhandsome conditions proposed by Elizabeth Annexation of Calais to the obedient provinces Pirates of Dunkirk Uneasiness of the Netherlanders with regard to the designs of Elizabeth Her protestations of sincerity Expedition of Dutch and English forces to Spain Attack on the Spanish war-ships Victory of the allies Flag of the Republic planted on the fortress of Cadiz Capitulation of the city Letter of Elizabeth to the Dutch Admirals State of affairs in France Proposition of the Duke of Montpensier for the division of the kingdom Successes of the Cardinal Archduke in Normandy He proceeds to Flanders Siege and capture of Hulat Projected alliance against Spain Interview of De Sancy with Lord Burghley Diplomatic conference at Greenwich Formation of a league against Spain Duplicity of the treaty Affairs in Germany Battle between the Emperor and the Grand Turk Endeavours of Philip to counteract the influence of the league His interference in the affairs of Germany Secret intrigue of Henry with Spain Philip's second attempt at the conquest of England.

At the proper time we shall refer to that again. "It is with sincere regret that we see the French Government on the side of the criminal Powers, which have enslaved and robbed the Russian people. If Germany, in a delirium of victory, should raise claims which mean annexation, then we shall that must be repeated again recall the speech from the throne of the German Kaiser on August 4th, 1914."

But leaving out of view this special subject of admitted dispute, the Mexican Government had warned our own in sufficiently formal terms that annexation could not be peacefully effected.

Again, if Napoleon was bent solely on the invasion of England, why should he in June, 1805, have offered to Russia and Austria so gratuitous an affront as the annexation of the Ligurian Republic? He must have known that this act would hurry them into war.

Personally, he was a groveling debauchee, exhausted alike in mind and in body to sheer imbecility; and his courtiers and counselors were little better than himself. To anarchy, insurrection seemed inevitably imminent. It was precluded by annexation, and the kingdom of Oude, not an hour in advance of its deserts, took its place in finished history.