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'How doth the little' and all the rest of it, you know, John. Did you ever learn 'How doth the little, when you went to school, John?" "Not to quite know it," John returned. "I was very near it once. But I should only have spoilt it, I dare say." "Ha, ha!" laughed Dot. She had the blithest little laugh you ever heard. "What a dear old darling of a dunce you are, John, to be sure!"

Should the children of the bride-chamber fast when the bridegroom was with them? And of all the "wreath'd singers at the marriage-door," blithest and sanest was Master Joctus of Florence.

His wife, I could see, was not satisfied with this, not being, as I discerned afterwards, prepared to give an entertainment to strangers; however, we fell into the misfortune of staying, and nothing could exceed the happiness of Mr Cayenne. I thought him one of the blithest bodies I had ever seen, and had no notion that he was such a tap of tow as in the sequel he proved himself.

She knows what he is, sir, for folks that he'd cheated and lied to come to her to complain. Young as she is, there's white threads in her hair, just to think that he might come back at any time. It's making an old woman of her since she's come of an age to think; and she the merriest, blithest creature that ever was.

"A Merrie Christmas to you! For we serve the Lord with mirth. And we carol forth glad tidings Of our holy Saviour's birth. So we keep the olden greeting, With its meaning deep and true, And wish a Merrie Christmas And a Happy New Year to you. Oh, yes! 'a Merrie Christmas, With blithest song and smile, Bright with the thought of Him who dwelt On earth a little while,

Catherine's face wore its blithest smile. "You are a dear to do so much," she declared. "I was sure you'd be interested. If you ever want any cleaning done, anywhere, please let me do it!" Algernon had to be aroused almost forcibly, and Catherine carried him away, still so lost in the article on the jury system he had been reading that he could not quite take in the wonderful success of the call.

It overflowed in looks, words, and acts; it infected everyone, and made these holidays the blithest the old abbey had seen for many a day.

"My little singers," cried he, "sing your blithest now, and take us happily to the Castle. Come "'Love is Lord of the land, Master of maid and man; Goeth in green with a ruddy face, Heartening whom he can," etc., etc. The thing was a country catch which he had himself caught up from the High March maids. It went to a free breathless measure, ran easily into a gallop, must be jigged to.

D'Aumale and Montpensier were still gay young bachelors, and well would it have been for the welfare of the Orleans family and the credit of Louis Philippe if one of them had remained so. There was a widow as well as a bride in the house. There were the cherished memories of a dearly-prized lost son and daughter to touch with tender sorrow its blithest moments and lightest words.

She made her horse wend O'er smooth ways of earth, Until to a high-built Hall she came; Then the saddle she had From the hungry horse, And her ways wended In along the wide hall, And this word first Spake forth therewith: "What is most famed, Afield in Hunland, Or what may be Blithest in Hunland?" ODDRUN SAID: "Who of the lords Hath laid this grief on her, Why is the anguish Of Borgny so weary?"