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Kenric with his squadron, reduced now to four galleys, voyaged to the isle of Tiree a distance of about fifty miles from Colonsay. There, without drawing arrow from sheath or sword from scabbard, he prevailed over the lord of that land to give him surety of his adherence to King Alexander, and a solemn declaration that he would remain true to his oaths. And then the barks departed for Coll.

For there before me in the sand was the imprint of a boot made since the tide went out a few hours earlier in the day. No flat-footed Indian had left the track. It was too sharp, too decisive, had been left plainly by a shoe of superior make. No guess of the truth came to me, but instinctively I eased the revolver in the scabbard by my side.

"The vengeance of God has fallen upon our foes, and Morgan le Fay is justly punished for her treachery. It grieves me, indeed, that so heavy a fate has befallen her, yet her own deeds have brought on her this mighty punishment." Then he sought on all sides for the scabbard, but it could nowhere be found.

Then said Kai: 'It is thy scabbard that hath rusted thy sword; give it to me that I may take out the wooden sides of it and put in new ones. And he took the scabbard in one hand and the sword in the other, and came and stood behind the giant, as if he would have sheathed the sword in the scabbard. But with it he struck a blow at the head of the giant, and it rolled from his body.

"No, no!" cried Josephine in distress; "I love nobody but my mother and sister: I never shall." "Your mother," cried Raynal; "that reminds me; he told me to ask her; by Jove, I think he told me to ask her first;" and Raynal up with his scabbard and was making off. Josephine begged him to do nothing of the kind. "I can save you the trouble," said she.

XIV. For Chrysippus says, very acutely, that as the case is made for the buckler, and the scabbard for the sword, so all things, except the universe, were made for the sake of something else.

"Why do you laugh?" said the knight, angrily. "For this reason," said Merlin. "No man shall ever handle this sword except Sir Launcelot or else Galahad, his son." All this Merlin wrote in letters of gold on the pommel of the sword. The scabbard of Balin's sword he left on the side of the island where Sir Galahad would find it.

And then the widow was thin; she had long teeth; wore in all weathers a little black shawl, the edge of which hung down between her shoulder-blades; her bony figure was sheathed in her clothes as if they were a scabbard; they were too short, and displayed her ankles with the laces of her large boots crossed over gray stockings.

"What have you done with her?" he cried, desperately. "I will stake my life she has not left this house, and by Him who made us you shall not leave it living unless I find her." He glanced downward at the naked sword he had carried throughout his search. Fareham's was in the scabbard, and he answered that glance with an insulting smile. "You think I have murdered her, perhaps," he said.

Amongst these mummy cases and these coffin lids fashioned in the shape of the human figure, there are some that seem to have been made for giants; the head especially, beneath its cumbrous head-dress, the head stuffed as it were between the hunchback shoulders, looks enormous, out of all proportion to the body which, towards the feet, narrows like a scabbard.

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