The remaining voters, 2470 of them or thereabouts, made a silent protest against our deceitfulness by staying away from the polling booths altogether. O'Donoghue was elected. He secured 262 of the votes which were not spoiled. I ran him very close, having 260 votes to my credit. Vittie came a bad third, with only eight votes.

'The English Dictionary was written ... amidst inconvenience distraction, in sickness and in sorrow. Preface to Johnson's Dictionary, Works, v. 51. 'For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. Luke, xii. 48. 'If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. I Corinthians, xv. 19. See ante, ii. 262, note 2.

The propagation of the human race, and thence of the angelic heaven, was the chief end of creation. 68. PROPAGATE, or plastic force of vegetables and animals, whence it originated, 138. PROPRIUM, man's, from his birth is essentially evil, 262. These two propriums are deadly evils to man, if they remain with him, 194.

Augustine, San Antonio, Santa Fe and San Francisco are cities that were built by Frenchmen and Spaniards; we did not found them but we conquered them." None of the possessors of this territory were properly armed or equipped for effective warfare. All of them fell an easy prey to the organized might of the Government of the United States. New York, Putnam's, 1896, vol. 4, p. 262.

We celebrated Midwinter's Day on the 22nd. The twilight extended over a period of about six hours that day, and there was a good light at noon from the moon, and also a northern glow with wisps of beautiful pink cloud along the horizon. A sounding gave 262 fathoms with a mud bottom.

There is reason to complain not only of the ambiguity, but of the style of exaggeration which pervades all the remarks of the author on this subject so different from the well considered and nicely adjusted language employed by him on all other topics. Thus, p. 262, he implies that there is no means of redress afforded even by the judiciary, for a wrong committed by the majority.

In some villages the boys and girls went together, but the higher civil and ecclesiastical authorities, the king and the bishops, more familiar with the manners of the court than with those of the village, looked on these mixed schools with disfavor. Ibid., Le Village, 277. Ibid., L'Ecole de village, 17, 18. Mathieu, 262.

Protestant Reformation , ii., Introduction. Political Register, 29th Jan. 1825. Protestant Reformation, p. 13. Ibid. p. 262. Advice to Young Men, p. 8. Political Works, v. 405. If our census be not a lie, there were twenty-seven million Englishmen in 1891. Protestant Reformation, i. 311. See Cobbett's Political Works, v. 466 n.

The value of foreign merchandise imported during the last fiscal year was $207,240,101, and the value of domestic productions exported was $149,861,911, besides $17,204,026 of foreign merchandise exported, making the aggregate of the entire exports $167,065,937. Exclusive of the above, there was exported $42,507,285 in specie, and imported from foreign ports $5,262,643.

Christmas the continuation of an old heathen festival of the sun, 246; the Yule log the Midwinter counterpart of the Midsummer bonfire, 247; the Yule log in Germany, 247-249; in Switzerland, 249; in Belgium, 249; in France, 249-255; French superstitions as to the Yule log, 250; the Yule log at Marseilles and in Perigord, 250 sq.; in Berry, 251 sq.; in Normandy and Brittany, 252 sq.; in the Ardennes, 253 sq.; in the Vosges, 254; in Franche-Comté, 254 sq.; the Yule log and Yule candle in England, 255-258; the Yule log in the north of England and Yorkshire, 256 sq.; in Lincolnshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, and Herefordshire, 257 sq.; in Wales, 258; in Servia, 258-262; among the Servians of Slavonia, 262 sq.; among the Servians of Dalmatia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro, 263 sq.; in Albania, 264; belief that the Yule log protects against fire and lightning, 264 sq.; public fire-festivals at Midwinter, 265-269; Christmas bonfire at Schweina in Thuringia, 265 sq.; Christmas bonfires in Normandy, 266; bonfires on St.