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But it does not appear that the spurs in this case, or in that of some of the spur-winged rails, are larger in the male than in the female. For the Egyptian goose, see Macgillivray, 'British Birds, vol. iv. p. 639. For Plectropterus, Livingstone's 'Travels, p. 254. For Palamedea, Brehm's 'Thierleben, B. iv. s. 740.

This can in no wise be achieved except through the power of a skilled, an all-powerful and inspired Physician.”—Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, pp. 254, 255.

"Even so, still I happen to know that within a stone's throw of my store swarms a population of a quarter of a million human beings so poor that only three hundred of them ever have access to a bathroom. The death rate of the children is 254 in a thousand. It should be about 20 in a thousand, if normal. I don't want any higher profits out of my customers.

Wight, whom I esteem very pretty, and love dearly to look upon her. We were very pleasant, I droning with my aunt and them, but I am sorry to hear that the news of the selling of Dunkirk Subsequently the remaining three millions were reduced to 2,500,000 to be paid at Paris, and 254,000 in London.

I dare say, Prince Eugene and I shall never differ about our laurels." Marlborough to Mr Travers, July 30, 1708. Coxe, IV. 216-219. Marlborough to Godolphin, August 30, 1708. Coxe, IV. 222. Desp. Desp. Marlborough to Godolphin, September 24, 1708. Coxe, IV. 243. Marlborough to Godolphin, October 1, 1708. Coxe, IV. 254. Desp. IV. 271, Marlborough to Godolphin, October 24, 1708. Coxe, IV. 263, 264.

For the Cervus alces of N. America, see 'Land and Water, 1868, pp. 221 and 254; and for the C. Virginianus and strongyloceros of the same continent, see J.D. Caton, in 'Ottawa Acad. of Nat. Sc. 1868, p. 13. For Cervus Eldi of Pegu, see Lieut.

P. Rangiah Naidu pointed out that military expenditure had been £1,463,000 in 1857 and had risen to £16,975,750 in 1884. Mr. D.E. Wacha ascribed the growth to the amalgamation scheme of 1859, and remarked that the Company in 1856 had an army of 254,000 men at a cost of 11-1/2 millions, while in 1884 the Crown had an army of only 181,000 men at a cost of 17 millions.

She kept troops all along the railway line until recently and insists on maintaining in the future a guard at Tsinan, 254 miles away. The zone would restrict her military movements, consequently she gives it up. "The proposals she makes are to open the whole bay. It is from 15 to 20 miles from the entrance to the northern shore of the bay.

Titus Maccius Plautus was born of poor parents, in the little Umbrian town of Sarsina, in the year 254 B.C., thus falling midway in age between Naevius and Ennius. Somehow or other he drifted to the capital, to find employment as a stage-carpenter.

Elitti is probably a scribal error. See above p. 103. Tallqvist, I. l. 38. See above, p. 254. To bewitch me. The witch. From which he suffers through the witches. The identification of the many herbs mentioned in the texts is as yet impossible. The subject awaits investigation at the hands of one versed in botanical lore. I.e., be ineffective. I.e., the gods presiding over the watches.