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Children are the richest boon vouchsafed us in this world, and the parents are the trustees of this wealth committed to their charge, but belonging to the world at large, and of which time only tells the value. I shall be very busy now for a few days, but will see you as soon as possible. Affectionately, J.C.C. 222 WEST 23D STREET, NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 1901.

In 1848, it had grown to 66,551 tons, and in 1858 the canal transportation being supplemented by two lines of railroad crossing the coal fields on the way to Cleveland to 222,267 tons. In 1868, it had swollen to 759,104 tons, and the demand continues to increase in a rate more than proportionate to the enlarged sources of supply and increased facilities for transportation.

Of the brigades, Birge's suffered the most, having 107 killed, 349 wounded, 69 missing together, 525; while Molineux, who came next, had 58 killed, 362 wounded, 87 missing together, 507; yet in proportion Sharpe fared the worst, for his brigade, though but half as strong as Birge's, lost 39 killed, 222 wounded, 17 missing together, 278.

222. =Strawberry Shortcake.= Rub two ounces of butter into a pound of prepared flour, mix it stiff enough to mould with about half a pint of milk; put the dough upon a round tin plate, gently flattening with the roller; bake it about twenty minutes in a quick oven, trying it with a broom straw to be sure it is done, before taking it from the oven; let it cool a little, tear it open by first separating the edges all around with a fork, and then pulling it in two pieces; upon the bottom put a thick layer of strawberries, or any perfectly ripe fruit, plentifully sprinkled with sugar; then lay on the fruit the upper half of the shortcake, with the crust down; add another layer of fruit, with plenty of sugar, and serve it with sweet milk or cream.

We were fortunate in reaching this fine city during the session of all our Baptist missionaries in the South India, or Telugu, field that field which a few years ago witnessed the baptism of 2,222 converts in one day. It was a remarkable illustration of the family and tribal spirit in India.

In the city of Düsseldorf there were, excluding the suburbs, 62,443 voters at the election for town councillors in 1910. The first class was composed of 797 voters paying from 1,940 to 264,252 marks of taxes; 6,645 voters paying from 222 to 1,939 marks; and 55,001 voters paying 221 marks or less.

This slow progress seriously jeopardized the pilot's chances of completing the course in the allotted time, for it was his intention to make the coast of Ireland by nightfall. But as it was late when Oban was reached he decided to spend the night there. Early the following morning he left for Dublin, 222 miles away.

The same inquirer has more recently detected both for auroræ and sun-spots a "secular period" of 222 years, and the Kew observations indicate for the latter, oscillations accomplished within twenty-six and twenty-four days, depending, most likely, upon the rotation of the sun. This is certainly reflected in magnetic, and perhaps in auroral periodicity.

Moore seems worthy of his office, which, when justly considered, is a very important one. London Mag. 1783, p. 204. For the quarrel between the City and the Court, see ante, iii. 201. See ante, i. 387. Knox in Winter Evenings, No. xi. 'Biography, he complains, 'is every day descending from its dignity. See ante, i. 222, note 1. Piozzi Letters, ii. 256.