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I felt the impending of ruin. Though I had never experienced the sensation of an opiate I even found my body already crying for its comfort. I found myself struggling hour after hour with a desire to try myself.

Rolles made a convulsive movement with his arm, which convinced Francis that he was only drugged, and was beginning to throw off the influence of the opiate. Mr. Vandeleur stooped over him and examined his face for an instant. "Come, come!" cried he, raising his head. "Let there be an end of this.

The little quivering creature, hastily undressed, was put to bed, face, head, arms, and hands covered with oil and bandaged. It was not until another nurse telephoned for from somewhere to somewhere had arrived, and the invalid had been given an opiate, that Win realized the tingling pain in her own fingers.

Before the opiate could have had time to work, the Squire shrank together like a puppet of which the threads are loosened, and fell heavily sideways out of his captors' hands on to the bed. They laid him there, tenderly covering him from the January cold.

"Madame says it will make you sleep, chou-chou," said Goton, as she received back the emptied cup. Ah! the sedative had been administered. In fact, they had given me a strong opiate. I was to be held quiet for one night. The household came to bed, the night-light was lit, the dormitory hushed.

On removing the silk and the wax which had protected me from the powerful drug, an indescribable odour which permeated my clothes ascended to my nostrils; aromatic, yet pungent and penetrating; I never smelt anything that it reminded me of, but I presume the compound contained something of the nature of an opiate.

But I won't let you, if I can stop it," Prescott added wistfully. So Dave departed, for he was accustomed to following the wishes of the head of Dick & Co. in such matters. Mrs. Prescott had come in as soon as the lad had been placed between the sheets. Dr. Bentley gave some further directions, then left something that would quiet the pain without having the effect of an opiate.

We were pretty well fagged out, now, but as we did not wish to miss the Alpine sunrise, we got through our dinner as quickly as possible and hurried off to bed. It was unspeakably comfortable to stretch our weary limbs between the cool, damp sheets. And how we did sleep! for there is no opiate like Alpine pedestrianism.

He allowed himself to be mollified, and she stood there over the fire, chatting with him for some time, a friendly natural note in her voice which was rare and, insensibly, soothed him like an opiate. She chatted about Marcella's trousseau gowns, detailing her own contrivances for economy; about the probable day of the wedding, the latest gossip of the election, and so on.

The mere sight and sound or lack of sound of that warm, softly carpeted breakfast-room, moving like some gloomy, inevitable mechanism as it has moved for countless years, attacks the already weakened will like an opiate.