'It is an anomalous position, and I have a great pity for them, said Miss Mohun. 'Miss White must be a very clever girl. 'Talented, yes, said Mr. Stebbing. 'She is useful in her department. 'That may be, said Mrs. Stebbing; 'but it won't do to encourage her. She is an artful, designing girl, I know very well

Stebbing called to warn us against her, and, as I was the only person at home, told me how she had learnt from Mr. White's housekeeper that this girl comes every Sunday alone to walk in the gardens -she was sure it must be to meet somebody, and they are quite accessible to an active young man on the side towards the sea.

And then following closely in the wake of that document came a lengthy article in the "Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London," by E.C. Stebbing, in which a correspondent of the Indian Field clearly sets forth the fact that the big game of the Himalayas now is menaced by a peril new to our consideration, but of a most deadly character. He deserves separate notice.

I should like to know why he could not send it himself to the proper place! 'Well, Mrs. Stebbing, said her husband, 'I hope it will be a lesson to you against making free with other people's letters. She tossed her head, and was about to retire, when Sir Jasper said

I wasn't going to have that bold girl sending billy-doos on the sly to my son. 'Under these circumstances, drily said Sir Jasper, 'I presume that you will think it expedient to withdraw the prosecution. 'Certainly, certainly, said Mr. Stebbing, in the tone of one delivered from great alarm.

Stebbing, speaking more to her indignant face and gesture than to any words. 'Miss White is not well, she said. 'You had better leave her to me. And as they withdrew through the house, Kalliope sank back in her chair in one of those alarming attacks of deadly faintness that had been averted for many days past.

'Oh no, no ; don't say that! 'Well, George Stebbing really taught Fergus to call him a beast, and you -Kally -I won't tease you with saying what you are. 'I wish I wasn't, it would be all so much easier. 'Never mind! I do believe the Stebbings are going away! Does Maura never see him? 'She has met him on the stairs and in the garden, but she has her meals here.

Stebbing himself, a man with what Valetta was wont to call a grisly beard, met them a little within the gate, and did the honours of the place with great politeness.

But he brought his father -to say he consented -and wished it -now. There was no letting her say any more at that time, but it was all plain enough. This had been one more attempt of the Stebbing family to recover their former power; Kalliope was assumed to be Mr.

In what form did Collishaw pay that fifty pounds to you?" "That's easy answered, sir," said the secretary. "It was in gold. Fifty sovereigns he had 'em in a bit of a bag." Jettison reflected on this information for a moment or two. Then he rose. "Much obliged to you, Mr. Stebbing," he said. "That's something worth knowing.