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What a fine frosty night; how Orion glitters; what northern lights! Let them talk of their oriental summer climes of everlasting conservatories; give me the privilege of making my own summer with my own coals. But what thinks Lazarus? Can he warm his blue hands by holding them up to the grand northern lights? Would not Lazarus rather be in Sumatra than here?

And Katharina, too, thought better of it, and confessed to me just now that she had committed a great sin and had borne false witness before the judges to please her dear Orion. I do not know what Hiram had done to offend him; but on the strength of Katharina's evidence the judges condemned him to death.

At last he was forced to go and attend to other patients. Paula remained sitting at the head of the bed and gazing at the face of the sufferer. How fair it was! And Orion had snatched this rose in the bud, and trodden it under foot! She had, no doubt, felt for him what Paula herself felt. And now?

Out from the room where the scene had taken place rushed Orion, and with him the dog, across the grass-plot which was usually respected and cherished as holy ground, towards the side of the house facing the river, which was where he and all the family had their rooms. "Now!" cried Paula, quickly leading the way.

As illustrating the attitude of the phantom in Orion, let the reader allow me to quote the tremendous passage: 'So saying, with delight he snuff'd the smell Of mortal change on earth. But the lower lip, which is drawn inwards with the curve of a conch shell, oh what a convolute of cruelty and revenge is there! Cruelty! to whom? Revenge! for what? Ask not, whisper not.

She helped Orion to fold her veil twice over her face, and did not thrust him aside when he whispered in her ear: "Let us see if a kiss cannot be sweet even through all that wrapping! Now, come. It will be all over in a few minutes."

Huysmans goes to my soul like a gold ornament of Byzantine workmanship: there is in his style the yearning charm of arches, a sense of ritual, the passion of the Gothic, of the window. Ah! in this hour of weariness for one of Mallarmé's prose poems! "Since Maria left me to go to another star which? Orion, Altair, or thou, green Venus? I have always cherished solitude.

My name is Iris, and this is Diana, and this is Orion both Diana and Orion are very good children indeed, and" here her lips quivered, her earnest, brown eyes were fixed with great solicitude on her aunt's face "I ought to know," she said, "for I am a mother to the others, and, I think, please, Aunt Jane, Orion and Diana should be going to bed now." "I have not the slightest objection, my dear.

It is enough if we do not altogether forget out of what quarter of the sky Orion rises; and where the lord-star Jupiter has his place. It is enough if we are not quite oblivious of the return of the Spring and the sprouting of the first leaves. From the poetry of Matthew Arnold it is possible to derive an art of life which carries us back to the beginnings of the world's history.

He was not able to defend himself, but his mistress could no doubt give evidence that would justify him. Orion pushed the hair from his forehead, proudly raised his aching head, and addressed the judges: "His mistress is a lady of rank allied to our house. Let us keep her out of this odious affair as is but seemly.

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