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In a little while Matt's mother came downstairs with hopelessness written on every line of her hard face. 'Thaa'll hev to mak' up thi mind to say good-bye to Miriam, lad. Hoo's noan baan to howd aat much longer. Hoo's abaat done, poor lass! 'Yo' mornd talk like that to me, mother, or I'll put yo' aat o' the haase. I'm noan baan to say good-bye to Merry yet, by I' ammot!

"The Sawhorse and I made a journey in the dark, while you were all asleep, and we found over there a bigger city than Thi. There's a wall around it, too, but it has gates and plenty of pathways." "Did you go in?" asked Trot. "No, for the gates were locked and the wall was a real wall. So we came back here again. It isn't far to the city.

'Yi, lass, but I've fun mi heart, and he again clasped his startled wife, and grew young in his caresses. 'I thought thaa kept thi luv for Captain, Moses. But I durnd mind goin' hawves wi' th' owd dog. I awlus said that a chap as could luv a dog hed summat good abaat him somewhere and thaa's luved Captain sum weel. 'And others a deal too little, lass.

'Then He'll hev to break me, Amos; for aw shall never bend, aw con tell thee. And the old woman stiffened herself, as though in defiance of the Providence which Amos preached. 'Why, Deborah, thaa'rt wur nor a potsherd. Thaa knows thi Bible: "Let the potsherds strive wi' th' potsherds; but woe to th' mon that strives wi' his Maker."

And thi s girl, whose vindictive daring had defied all restraints this girl, who had not shrunk from her desperate determination even at the church door had, in the very hour of her triumph, taken part only from the man who would willingly have given all! had rigorously exacted her father's fortune from him to the last farthing; and had then turned her back on the hand that was tempting her with tens of thousands more!

'Good lad! good lad! find him! sobbed Oliver to his dog; and the brute again whined and wagged its tail and ran round and between the legs of the men. 'There's naught here, impatiently cried Amos. I'll tak' a dog's word agen thine ony day, owd lad, said Moses. 'Well, thaa's no need to be so fond o' th' dog. It once welly worried thi dog, and thee into th' bargain.

It was abaat th' deead hour, and I wakened up sudden-like, for summat towd me all were not reet wi' th' lad. I made thi faither strike a leet, and then I see'd Billy's een were set, and his little mouth twitchin'. Thi faither run off, half dressed as he were, for th' doctor. But it wor no use; Billy were going cowd in my arms when they both geet back.

But this cloud lifts and floats from you in the cheerful tomb of Thi, that royal councillor, that scribe and confidant, whose life must have been passed in a round of serene activities, amid a sneering, though doubtless admiring, population.

Then th' owd woman coom in, and hoo said, 'Isaac, whatever i' the name o' fortin' hasto bin blunderin' and doin' again? Come thi ways an' look at this machine thae's brought us. It caps me if yean yowling divle'll do ony weshin'. Thae surely doesn't want to ha' thi shirt set to music, doesto?

My second singer was a beetle an awkward, enormous, serious, brilliant beetle, with six-inch antennæ and great wing covers, which combined the hues of the royal robes of Queen Thi, tempered by thousands of years of silent darkness in the underground tombs at Sakhara, with the grace of curve and angle of equally ancient characters on the hill tombs of Fokien.

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