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In the meantime, he had tried four times to stow away in different vessels, and four times had been discovered and handed back to starvation. The fifth time was lucky; and you may judge if he were pleased to be aboard ship again, at his old work, and with duff twice a week. He was, said Alick, "a devil for the duff." Or if devil was not the word, it was one if anything stronger.

"Dinna fash ye, mon; she'll no' take harm under my charge," said Dougal. "Dougal has been somewhat jealous of Ben on account of his having been appointed to the yacht instead of himself," remarked Alick. Glasgow was reached before nightfall, and the next morning the whole party started by train for the south. Admiral Triton insisted on accompanying his friends to Portsmouth.

"Alas! alas! poor Sandy and honest Pat and the rest. What has been their fate?" I said to myself. We kept tight rein on our horses, ready to turn round and gallop off in the direction Alick might select; but not a human being appeared. We first made a circuit of the fort, and examined the only shelter near at hand in which an enemy might be concealed; but no one was discovered.

"Go down stair, Robert," said his mistress "something has happened to fret my father go down stairs, and let Alick answer the bell." When the man left the room, Sir Arthur re-entered, as if he had been watching his departure. "What's the meaning of this?" he said hastily, as he observed the notes lying still on the table "Is he not gone? Am I neither to be obeyed as a master or a father?"

'Oh, well, what do you want me to do, eh? You really can't expect me to come into the schoolroom and horsewhip the young scamps for you! You see for yourself how my time is occupied on a most important subject. The captain waved his pen over the closely-written sheets before him. 'Perhaps not. But I really must ask you to reason with Alick, if not to punish him.

Alick was amused whenever he glanced at his strong-minded woman's correspondence, and now and then used to divert himself with rousing her into emphatic declarations of her preference of this delicate little being to "great, stout, coarse creatures that people call fine children."

'They're no there, said Alick Polwarth, who guessed the cause of the dubious look which Waverley cast backward, and who, with the vulgar appetite for the horrible, was master of each detail of the butchery 'the heads are ower the Scotch yate, as they ca' it.

"I I " Rachel was going to say something of her change of opinion with regard to military society, but a sudden consciousness set her cheeks in a flame and checked her tongue; while Bessie Keith, with ease and readiness, filled up the blank. "What, Alick, you have brought the service into disrepute! I am ashamed of you!"

What is it, sir?" "Well," said I, "I can give you an assurance that what you fear will not take place. There is not a man here beyond myself and Mr. Rumbald and old Alick. Now begone at once. Stay; where do you live?" He shook his head. A little colour had come back to his face again at the news. "No, sir; that was not in the bargain. I will begone, sir, as you said; and thank you, sir."

Alick, here, will take my place by-and-by; he's a fine, strong boy is Alick, sir. 'And where will you live when you leave the island? asked Mr. Davis. 'Oh, I never mean to leave it, said my grandfather; 'not till I die, sir. 'And then; where will you live then? 'Oh, I don't know, sir, said my grandfather. 'In heaven, I suppose.

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