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He must labor along among ignorant and spiteful narrow-minded people to the end of his days, pocketing their insults and fawning upon the harsh hands of jealous nonentities who happened to be his official masters, just to keep a roof over his head or rather Alice's.

Whilst the lawyer was pocketing his cheque, Hamar gleefully swallowed a pill, and crying out "Bakra naka takso mana," vanished! "Heaven preserve us! What's become of you?" Cotton exclaimed, putting his hand to his forehead and leaning against the wall for support. "Am I ill or dreaming?" "Anything wrong, sir?" a policeman inquired, opening the cell door and looking in.

He removed the three notes, and replaced the drawer. "Honor of the Dreevers!" he added, pocketing the money. Molly was horrified. "But, Lord Dreever!" she cried. "You can't! You mustn't! You can't be going, really, to take that money! It's stealing! It isn't yours! You must put it back." His lordship wagged a forefinger very solemnly at her. "That," he said, "is where you make error! Mine!

"You are very particular," remarked Clinton, with something like a sneer, and pocketing the change, while he glanced with a look of impertinent curiosity at Guly's grave but beautiful features. "Do you go our way?" inquired Arthur, turning toward him as they left the shop. "No; sorry to say I don't," returned Clinton, lighting a cigar, and offering one to each of the brothers, who refused it.

Pocketing my disappointment with as much sang froid as I could muster, I continued to beguile the time and to solace myself for my past sufferings, by as much enjoyment as could be compressed into the small space of leisure time allotted to me.

Berkley's attention was directed to it by a suspicious comrade; they both gazed at it curiously, listening to the low mutter of the cannonade; then Berkley frowned, folded both gauntlets, placed them in his belt, passed his hand over his freshly shaven chin, and, pocketing his cob pipe, sauntered forth to visit and gossip with those he knew in other camps.

Before the fact was ascertained, there was a hurried tramp of feet past the drawing-room door, and presently the entrance one opened and let in a rush of wind. 'Is Mr. Sponge at home? demanded a slow, pompous-speaking, deep-toned voice, evidently from the vehicle. 'Yez-ur, was the immediate answer. 'Who can that be? exclaimed Sponge, pocketing his Mogg.

The clown had done it, that man of whom he expected things so fair. Joey and his father were shadowing a pork-butcher's shop, pocketing the sausages for which their family has such a fatal weakness, and so when the butcher engaged Joey as his assistant there was soon not a sausage left.

Some contractor or official had been paid to provide powder, and he had provided charcoal, pocketing the difference. Frobisher ground his teeth and muttered several very bitter things. Here he was, engaged with a vastly superior force, handicapped most horribly for want of ammunition for possibly the rest of the supply, intended for the smaller guns, was in the same condition.

Hence, a little while after the sending of the Leckhard message, Callahan, the train despatcher, hearing an emphatic "Gee whiz!" from Dix's' corner, looked up from his train-sheet to say, "What hit you, brother?" "Nothing," said Dix shortly, but Callahan observed that he was hastily folding and pocketing the top sheet of the pad upon which he had been writing.

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