Thoughtful and grave as she was, by nature, she was yet ever inclined to the more sanguine colourings of life; she never turned to the future with fear a placid sentiment of Hope slept at her heart she was one who surrendered herself with a fond and implicit faith to the guidance of all she loved; and to the chances of life.

If Lanky's gone under, I expect I'll have to pick a quarrel with Slade and hurry things along." "Don't you!" she objected. For all of her confidence in Harris's efficiency in most respects, her implicit belief in his courage, she could not forget the awkward swing of his gun and she had a swift vision of him facing Slade without a chance.

His army, although excessively fatigued by forced marches in very hot weather, over nearly impassable roads, was full of courage and cheerfulness, having learned implicit confidence in their commander. On the 20th he was at Arnhem.

A biased contemporary description of this machine has come down to us. A portion of them are needy young men, who without maturely investigating the consequence, have sacrificed principle to self-aggrandizement. Others are mere parasites, that well know the tenure on which they hold their offices, and will ever pay implicit obedience to those who administer to their wants.

"Spell able first!" taunted the visiting fan, still filled with implicit faith in his school representatives. It was now the beginning of the twelfth. Hugh had again talked to his fellows, and once more implored them to get busy with their bats.

"Dorrie, you shame me, every day, by your implicit faith!" faltered the woman, tears raining over her face. "No no; not 'implicit, mamma, for that would make the other curve straight this very minute. But I know it is going to he, sometime, for God made the real me upright and nothing can deprive me of my birthright." Half an hour later Prof. Seabrook came in, looking a trifle pale and anxious.

Now, no Englishman would readily swallow such a thing: he would go and inquire of somebody else. The Frenchman's credulity, I observed, must be owing to his being accustomed to implicit submission; whereas every Englishman reasons upon the laws of his country, and instructs his representatives, who compose the legislature.

You know their priest is no ordinary man. They have implicit faith that he will charm it back to them." This was dated three months before. Wilson put the few remaining bits of this letter in his pocket. Was it possible that this grinning idol which already had played so important a part in his own life was the one mentioned here?

For he dominated the Bo'sun's Mate, taking the measure of her ignorance with infinite patience; he keyed up Joan, stirring her courage and interest to the highest point for her own safety; and the Reverend Timothy he soothed and comforted, while obtaining his implicit obedience, by taking him into his confidence, and leading him gradually to a comprehension of the issue that was bound to follow.

I am very implicit, you see; but we are all among friends. I do assure you I would offer him no less was it my own case." "And do you think, sir," said she, "that I would save my life at the expense of hiring another to perjure himself?"