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Hideyoshi's victory cost the enemy five thousand men, and demoralized Katsuiye's army so completely that he subsequently found himself able to muster a total force of three thousand only. Nothing remained but flight, and in order to withdraw from the field, Katsuiye was obliged to allow his chief retainer, Menju Shosuke, to impersonate him, a feat which, of course, cost Shosuke's life.

'The thing is, said Hazel, 'that unless you can growl with authority, nobody marks you. 'General Merrick and Major Seaton, Missee Hazel, ma'am, said her dark retainer, coming back. 'I thought I told you I was at breakfast? said Hazel, in a tone of displeasure. 'Yes'm but the Major he bound to know 'bout sumfin Missee Hazel left onsartin last night.

The acceptance of a retainer from the C. St. and P. Railroad Company for wholly unnecessary services in Washington only another way of buying a man a transaction arranged by Senator Stevens, was but another stage in the disintegration of the young Congressman's character, but it brought him just that much closer to the point where he could claim Carolina Langdon as his own.

Later, if need of your services on a larger scale should develop, we shall of course expect to make a new arrangement whereby you will receive the customary retainer of all of our corporation attorneys I trust that is quite satisfactory." "Eminently so," gasped the young disciple of Blackstone. "Very well, then; let us proceed to business."

The plains are wide and the path is long, so long, so wide!" Just Trafford appeared ready to deal with this insolence, for the half- breed was after all a servant of his, a paid retainer. He waited, however. Shon saw the difficulty, and at once volunteered a reply. "It's aisy enough to get away in the mornin', but it's a question how far we'll be able to go with the horses.

If you win on the Chestnut, like as not they'll just give you the winnin' mount. That ain't no good to a boy. They ain't got no money, that's why. The owner of my candidate, The Dutchman, he's a rich man, an' won't think nothin' of givin' a retainer of a thousand if we won this race. That'll mean The Dutchman's a good horse, and we'll want a good light boy to ride him, see?" Allis did see.

"Yet you could still have eno' of the tall yeoman and the stout retainer about you to try for this bauble, and to break half a dozen thick heads with your quarter-staff!" "True," said Nicholas; "you must recollect we are only, as yet, between the skin and the selle, half-trader, half-retainer. The old leaven will out, 'Eith to learn the cat to the kirn, as they say in the North.

"So much the better so much the better," said the frank but inhospitable retainer; and presently the jogtrot old animal between the shafts was pulled up in front of a certain square old-fashioned building of gray stone which was prettily surrounded with trees. They had arrived at the Rev. Mr.

Without assistance furnished by myself and a former retainer of Sir Richard, one Roger Wentworth, who had become a prosperous tanner of Sundridge, my cousins and my uncle would have been reduced to want. But Wentworth and I kept up a meagre household, and I was on watch at court to forward my uncle's interest, if by any good fortune an opportunity should come.

When Gertrude walked down to the town, to the King's House, or even to see Lily, at this side of the bridge, Dominick, the footman, was ordered to trudge after her a sort of state she had never used in her little neighbourly rambles and Gertrude knew that her aunt catechised that confidential retainer daily.

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