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An' I want to add, son, that if we-all could have kept on winnin' for two hours more, we'd a-lost eight thousand dollars." "'It's like this yere stage hold-up on Enright, concloodes Cherokee; 'it's a harassin' instance of where the more you wins, the more you lose. "About this time, Enright an' Jack Moore comes in.

You know how women are when they take charge. If that check's in the house she's liable to find it. If I deposit it, in a little town like this, people will find it out, and somebody'll blab to her. You send it to me after the trial, when I'm ready to explain to the girl without ruinin' your prospect of winnin', an' Drake's. That's my condition."

Bo made one sullen demand for it. "Funny about them fast finishes of yours!" said Daddy scornfully. "Say! the ball's our'n. The winnin' team gits the ball. Go home an' look up the rules of the game!" Bo slouched off the field to a shrill hooting and tin canning. "Fellers, what was the score?" asked Daddy. Nobody knew the exact number of runs made by Madden's Hill.

If you win on the Chestnut, like as not they'll just give you the winnin' mount. That ain't no good to a boy. They ain't got no money, that's why. The owner of my candidate, The Dutchman, he's a rich man, an' won't think nothin' of givin' a retainer of a thousand if we won this race. That'll mean The Dutchman's a good horse, and we'll want a good light boy to ride him, see?" Allis did see.

There isn't a thing I could think of, in the line of a real expensive sacrifice, that'd measure up as compensation for winnin' out not even marryin' you, Jonathan Jackson." So Hepsey laid down lines for control of the meeting, ready with a different variety of expedients, from point to point in its progress, as Sylvester Bascom's attitude at the time might necessitate.

Hanover was a great horse to my mind we never had his equal in America but this youngster'll be as good as his daddy ever was. I don't think you ought to start him, sir, till the Derby, if you're set on winnin' it." He had moved up to the gate as he talked, and now opened it, waiting for the boys to come back.

You see, there was twenty-some-odd of us an' none friendless. Take twenty-odd votes an' multiply 'em by the number of friends each has got an' I reckon ten head of friends apiece wouldn't overshoot the figure an' you've got between two hundred an' three hundred votes which is a winnin' majority for any candidate among 'em. Knowin' this, they wink at the jail delivery an' cinch those votes.

One night they were fleecin' a stranger an' I broke into the game, winnin' all they had. The game ended in a fight, with bloodshed, but nobody killed. That set Spencer an' his pard Cap against me. The stranger was a planter from Louisiana. He'd been an officer in the rebel army. A high-strung, handsome Southerner, fond of wine an' cards an' women.

Me good arm's gone I know, but I'd rather be here wid wan arm than annywhere else wid two. An' what's an arm or a man more or less in the world? We're winnin', I tell ye we're winnin'!

This was all he said, but he kept his eyes fixed on the girl's face; and when, with a defiant glance, she turned toward the mountain women, he followed and stopped her. "Easter," Clayton heard him say, in a low, slow voice, "I was tryin' to git ye a chance to shoot, fer ye hev been winnin' so much that it's hard to git up a match when ye air in it."