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I congratulate you; they are very choice." "And where do you suppose I should find money to buy these wonders?" said Ninny Moulin. "I repeat to you, all this is yours if you will but listen to me!" "How is this?" said Rose-Pompon, with the utmost amazement; "is what you tell me in downright earnest?" "In downright earnest." "This offer to make me a great lady?"

Of course he was her father, she had been a ninny ever to dream contrariwise, or that it mattered.

"My!" said Rose-Pompon; "it is for the little mysterious old man, who has such extraordinary ways. Does it come from far?" "I believe you; it comes from Italy, from Rome," said Ninny Moulin, looking in his turn at the letter, which the greengrocer held in her hand. "Who is the astonishing little old man of whom you speak?"

"'But why did you do it then? said Ethelbertha, with natural astonishment. "'Because I'm a helpless ninny, mum. I can't help myself; if I see soldiers I'm bound to follow them. It runs in our family. My poor cousin Emma was just such another fool.

Oh! how the City Wife, with her nown Ninny, Is charm'd with, Come into my Coach, Miss Jenny, Miss Jenny. But overturning Frible crys Adznigs, The jogling Rogue has murder'd all his Kids. The Men of War cry, Pox on't, this is dull, We are for rough Sports, Dog Hector, and the Bull.

Rebecca blushed until tears came to her eyes. "I'd like to know what I'd be afraid of William Berry for," she replied. "Then what do you want me to go into the store with you for?" "Nothing." "You're a great ninny, Rebecca Thayer," Rose said, laughing, "but I'll go if you want me to. I know William won't like it. You run away from him the whole time.

And the worst is that though Captain Hocken and Captain Hunken are a pair of fools and Mr Middlecoat a bigger fool than either as it turns out, I'm the biggest fool of all." "How, mistress?" "Why, you ninny! They were buying, one against the other, to make me a present, and I stepped in and saved young Middlecoat's face.

"Be satisfied," replied Bonacieux; "my wife adores me, and there is yet time." "The ninny!" murmured Mme. Bonacieux. "Silence!" said d'Artagnan, pressing her hand more closely. "How is there still time?" asked the man in the cloak. "I go to the Louvre; I ask for Mme. Bonacieux; I say that I have reflected; I renew the affair; I obtain the letter, and I run directly to the cardinal."

And had he not seen, that every time before the visit of the sweet-scented and bestarched Paul Edwardovich, some ninny with some embassy, with whom mamma, in imitation of the fashionable St.

Then she added, with surprise, as she looked at the outside coat of Ninny Moulin, "Goodness gracious! what full pockets you have got! What is there in them?" "Something that concerns you, Rose-Pompon," said Dumoulin, gravely. "Me?" "Rose-Pompon!" said Ninny Moulin, suddenly, with a majestic air; "will you have a carriage?