An hour later it was discovered that a week had elapsed between the losing and finding of the farthing. No sane person would believe that a farthing could lie for a whole week on the streets of Antrim. "Well," he said, "ye need a warmin' like that ivery day, an' ye had nown yestherday, did ye?" On another occasion I found a ball, one that had never been lost.

They might as well term him the Nown of God: for as by Nown, so also by Verbe, men understand nothing but a part of speech, a voice, a sound, that neither affirms, nor denies, nor commands, nor promiseth, nor is any substance corporeall, or spirituall; and therefore it cannot be said to bee either God, or Man; whereas our Saviour is both. And this Word which St.

Oh! how the City Wife, with her nown Ninny, Is charm'd with, Come into my Coach, Miss Jenny, Miss Jenny. But overturning Frible crys Adznigs, The jogling Rogue has murder'd all his Kids. The Men of War cry, Pox on't, this is dull, We are for rough Sports, Dog Hector, and the Bull.

A wise discreet Lady, I'll warrant her; my Lady would prodigally have took it off all. Sir Feeb. Dear's its nown dear Fubs; buss again, buss again, away, away ods bobs, I long for Night look, look, Sir Cautious, what an Eye's there! Sir Cau. Ay, so there is, Brother, and a modest Eye too. Sir Feeb. Adad, I love her more and more, Ralph call old Susan hither come, Mr. Bearjest, put the Glass about.

As is well nown, this states that two forces of different magnitude and direction, when they apply at the same point, act together in the manner of a single force whose magnitude and direction may be represented by the diagonal of a parallelogram whose sides express in extent and direction the first two forces.

Scatther them, says He, 'be th' roadsides an' th' wild places of th' earth where my poor live. "'Aye, says the charioteer, 'that's jist like ye, Father. It's th' purtiest job of m' afther-life an' I'll do it finely. "'It's jist come t' Me in a dream, says th' Father, 'that th' rich have all the flowers down there and th' poor haave nown at all.

I say you shall be kind to the sweet Sultan. Jul. And rob my Husband of his right! Fran. Shaw, Exchange is no Robbery. Jul. And forsake my Virtue, and make nown Dear a Cuckold. Fran. Shaw, most of the Heroes of the World were so; go, prithee, Hony, go, do me the favour to cuckold me a little, if not for Love, for Charity. Jul. Are you in earnest? Fran. I am. Jul. And would it not displease you?

"Be it nown to you, then, Sir Tomas, that a' received a chollege eddycation, which is an anser in full to the play of ignorance. In fact, a' devoted meself to eddycation till my very brain began to go round like a whurli-gig; and many people say, that a' never rekovered the proper use of it since.

A most judicious Lady; would my Julia had a little of her Modesty; but my Lady's a Wit. Enter Susan with a Box. Sir Feeb. Look here, my little Puskin, here's fine Playthings for its nown little Coxcomb go get you gone get you gone, and off with this St.

"Well, give us your highfalutin' opinion ov it!" Anna sipped a spoonful and remarked: "It might be worse." "Aye, it's worse where there's nown, but on yer oath now d'ye think Sooty Ann washed her han's?" "Good clane dhirt will poison no one, Jamie." "Thrue, but this isn't clane dhirt, it's soot bitther soot!" It was agreed to pass the O'Hare delection.