"Father, why do you cry so?" says Frank, with the tears of dreadful sympathy starting from those eyes of childhood. "Why, papa?" mimes little Nelly. Answer them, if you dare! Try it; what words blundering, weak words choked with agony leading nowhere ending in new and convulsive clasps of your weeping, motherless children!

Roman Jurisprudence. 10. Grammarians. Development of the Roman Literature. 2. Mimes, Mimographers, Pantomime; Laberius and P. Lyrus. 3. Epic Poetry; Virgil; The Aeneid. 4. Didactic Poetry; the Bucolics; the Georgics; Lucretius. 5. Lyric Poetry; Catullus; Horace. 6. Elegy; Tibullus; Propertius; Ovid. 7. Oratory and Philosophy; Cicero. 8. History; J. Caesar; Sallust; Livy. 9. Other Prose Writers.

And when the Kuru king entered the palatial sabha having also worshipped the gods with various kinds of music and numerous species of excellent and costly perfumes, the athletes and mimes and prize-fighters and bards and encomiasts began to gratify that illustrious son of Dharma by exhibiting their skill.

Ukoto, a very old Zulu, said: 'When we were children it was said "The Lord is in heaven." ... They used to point to the Lord on high; we did not hear his name. Unkulunkulu was understood, by this patriarch, to refer to immediate ancestors, whose mimes and genealogies he gave.

Though, for some unexplained reason, he abolished the mimes, so beloved of the populace, at the outset of his reign, he availed himself of the occasion of his first triumph to restore them again. The people were delighted by the removal of the imperial exedra in the circus, whereby five thousand additional places were provided.

At all events, they are calculated to give us a very favourable idea of the Mimes. Horace, indeed, speaks slightingly of the literary merit of Laberius' Mimes, either on account of the arbitrary nature of their composition, or of the negligent manner in which they were worked out.

Before they began their Tragedies the Greeks used to give a Pantomimic display. The principal Pantomimists were known as Ethologues, meaning painters of manners. One of the most celebrated of these Mimes was Sophron of Syracuse. In depicting the conduct of man so faithfully, the Pantomimes of the Greek Mimes served to teach and inculcate useful moral lessons.

And Ugrasena and Uddhava and others, to prevent carelessness, proclaimed throughout the city that nobody should drink. And all the Vrishnis and the Andhakas, well-knowing that they would be slain by Salwa if they behaved carelessly, remained sober and watchful. And the police soon drove out of the city all mimes and dancers and singers of the Anartta country.

The treasures which have lately been obtained by the British Museum in the shape of the manuscripts of Aristotle's "Constitution of Athens," the lost poems of Bacchylides, and the Mimes of Herondas, all of which have been published for the trustees of that institution by Mr. Kenyon, are known to those who are interested in these subjects. The long series of publications of Messrs.

The actor is what he represents, and the element of beauty in his art is perfection of realisation. It is his duty as an artist to show us Orestes or Othello, not perhaps exactly as Othello and Orestes were, but as the essence of their tragedies, ideally incorporate in action, ought to be. The actor can do this in dumb show. Some of the greatest actors of the ancient world were mimes.