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"Let me see; I counted them, up last night, and I have had two hundred and twenty-eight Trustee Days in my life. I have tried about everything else philosophy, Christianity, optimism, mental sclerosis, and missionary fever; but never magic. Don't you think it sounds hopeful?" The House Surgeon laughed. "You are the funniest little person I ever knew.

And as they drove through the streets, over the pale bands of sunshine, she had a sense of lightness and wonder, as if she were driving in a world of magic toward ineffable happiness. "Isn't it strange to be here together, George?" she said. "I can hardly believe it." But in her heart she was thinking: "I shall never want anything but love in my life.

Before I left my palace I went to my Magic Room and studied Woot's case very carefully. I found that no power can do away with the Green Monkey. He might transfer, or exchange his form with some other person, it is true; but the Green Monkey we cannot get rid of by any magic arts known to science."

He's awful quiet and queer just reads his eyes out no wonder he wears goggles," finished the clerk, turning to pop a soda for a waiting customer. The girls breathed easier. Somehow they were each conscious of a dread, and the boy's report had dispelled it as if by magic. "Oh, say!" he called after them as they were moving away. "Are you the girls who rescued him?

When she spoke to the room at large "Oh, you stuffy people, will you never understand that all the world is just out here?" he was the first to laugh at her, though he would have walked her off into that world of magic and dream, straight from the window where she stood. He was a wild idealist himself, and was sure of her. But he must wait her good time.

There was such a magic spell on the audience that they could not be prevailed upon to leave, though Mme. Viardot sang again and again for them. At last the curtain fell and the orchestra departed, but the crowd would not leave the theatre.

He seized the wrist with a fierce grasp, while the owner of it uttered a loud shriek, and loud threats came from the other players, who took sides in the matter, when a dark figure suddenly appeared on the scene, and spoke in a voice whose tones carried with them a magic authority which stilled all tumult at once.

Thus were recapitulated on a flag, destined to decorate the Hall of the Public Sittings of the Directory, the military deeds of the campaign in Italy, its political results, and the conquest of the monuments of art. Most of the Italian cities looked upon their conqueror as a liberator such was the magic of the word liberty, which resounded from the Alps to the Apennines.

The sweep of night air in his face was sweet and smooth, not cold for a marvel in that altitude and stroked his eyelids with touches as bland as caresses of a pretty woman's fingers. He was sensible of drowsiness, a surrender to fatigue, to which the motion of the motor car, swung seemingly on velvet springs, and the shifting, blending chiaroscuro of the magic night were likewise conducive.

Then they went away, and the pretty children called after them, 'Come again, Tessa! come again, Tommo! Now the rain didn't seem dismal, the wind cold, nor the way long, as they bought their gifts and hurried home, for kind words and the sweet magic of charity had changed all the world to them.