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Jane and I went for a stroll, watched a couple of small woodpeckers hunting the trunk of a young fir within a few feet of us, but retreated hurriedly to camp on the approach of a heavy thunderstorm. This was but the prelude to a bad break in the weather; all to-day it has rained in torrents, and everything is sopping and soaked.

"I mean" he caught me up without hesitation "that you, though you pretended to sympathize when I confided in you, were in league with Rudolph Brederode to outwit and deceive me in the most shameless way." "You forget yourself," said Brederode, turning red, and contriving to keep his dignity in spite of Hendrik's sopping overalls. "I have never deceived or injured you.

As a circumstance bearing on our ignorance of life in tents, I will say that we neglected to ditch around them, and on the very first night we slept in them there came a heavy rain, and the next morning found us lying more or less in the water, and our blankets and other stuff sopping wet.

Come in." She stood aside to let him pass. That hall, with its tapestried walls, its polished floors, and Oriental rugs, was reminiscent of "the movies" to Clay. Nowhere else had he seen a home so stamped with the mark of ample means. "Come in," she ordered again, a little sharply. He came in and she closed the door. "I'm sopping wet. I'll drip all over the floor." "What are you going to do?

Geraldine glared at her. "Oh, my God! haven't the things come?" she demanded, in shrill disgust. "I can't, Mamma, I'm sopping wet, and I've got to clean the parlour. It's all over ashes, and mud, and the Lord knows what!" "Well, I couldn't get out to-day, that's all there is to that," Mrs. Torney defended herself sharply. "My back's been like it was on fire. I've jest been resting all day.

He was drinking his first cup when the housekeeper entered the room, flushed of countenance. "You'll have to excuse me, Mr. Evringham. I couldn't come a minute sooner. Julia is sick." "Sick! I should like to know why?" "Why, she got sopping wet in that brook yesterday, and here, just as I knew it would be, she's got a fever." "A fever, eh?" repeated Mr. Evringham in a startled tone.

Neither did any one else with brains and an awakened mind that soared above mere conventional manners. Now, neither Wagner nor Muir would justify any advocacy on my part of neglect of true consideration, courtesy, or good manners. But where is the "lack of breeding" in sopping up gravy with a piece of bread or "crumming," or eating soup with a spoon of one shape or another?

Once when father and mother were driving past, they saw Polly at the well and they stopped for politeness sake to ask how she was, like they always did with every one. Polly had a tin cup of water and was sopping at her neck with a carpet rag, and when mother asked, "How are you, Mrs. Martin?" she answered: "Oh I ain't very well this spring; I gest I got the go-backs!"

Everything about us was sopping at daybreak; but the sun rose clear and warm from a bed of eastern clouds, and the midnight gale had softened to a gentle breeze. Palisades were frequent to-day.

"Hurry, Lucinda," he entreated. "You will catch your death of cold." "I never take cold," answered Lucinda, with chattering teeth. "And it is my dress I am thinking of was thinking of. You have more need to hurry. You are sopping wet yourself and you know you are subject to colds. There come."