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The count being informed of the circumstance, would not let slip the opportunity of fighting in the absence of Niccolo; and, coming to an engagement near the castle of Monte Loro, routed the father's forces and took the son prisoner.

We thus see that its postulate is the same as that of the religious sentiment. Wherein then do they differ? Not in the recognition of chance. Accident, chance, does not exist for the religious sense in any stage of its growth. Everywhere religion proclaims in the words of Dante: “le cose tutte quante, Hann’ ordine tra loro;”

CARY. "To their own carol on they came Dancing, in festive ring angelical " WRIGHT. "And songs accompanied their angel dance." Here Mr. Longfellow has apparently followed the authority of the Crusca, reading "Cantando al loro angelico carribo," and translating carribo by saraband, a kind of Moorish dance. The best manuscripts, however, sanction M. Witte's reading:

"Alla protesta del signor Smith si assicia il senor E. R. Clarke, insegnante di educazione fisica presso la missione americana Y. M. C. A. "Diamo atto volentiere ai due egregi gentiluomi delle loro dichiarazioni, inspirate a uno scrupolo patriottico che altamente apprezziamo.

NITTI, Le Socialisme catholique, Paris, 1894, p. 27 and 393. Its usual form in America. Translator. Nuova Rassegna, August, 1894. SERGI, L'origine dei fenomeni psichici e loro significazione biologica, Milan, 1885, p. 334, et seq. DURKHEIM, De la division du travail social. Paris. 1893.

"Come loro commandano! as their lordships please," said La Lalli with a graceful bow; though the young men were of opinion, that her eyes very plainly said, as she glanced towards them, that she would have preferred that they should have returned in the same carriage together.

Cosi io parimente non vi saprei contare le mie fortune, se prima il tribulato ventre non ha la solita refettione. Al quale e adviso che le mani et li denti habbiano perso il loro ordine naturale et del tutto annichilati. To which Epistemon answered, As much of the one as of the other, and nothing of either.

Old Charon, in his boat, "with eyes of brass, who beats the delaying souls with uplifted oar," is taken directly from Dante:— Caron demonio con occhi di bragia Loro accenando, tutte le raccoglie, Batte col remo qualunque si adagia. Those portions of the fresco in the semicircular spaces at the top, angels bearing implements of the Passion, appear to have been painted the last.

Only a hint of the character of these ruins has been given, but with the aid of the illustrations, some idea of them, of their entire beauty, as well as of the imposing majesty of the sculptures, may be gained. The Loro Jonggram Temple has a celebrated bas-relief in an elaborate niche, called the "Three Graces."

"Loro possono andare prima classa PRIMA CLASSA!" said the woman in the corner, in a very high voice, as if talking to deaf people, and pointing to Aaron's luggage, then along the train to the first class carriages. "C'e posto la," said one of the men, shrugging his shoulders. There was a jeering quality in the hard insolence which made Francis go very red and Augus very white.

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