She had not applied to purchase a Constitution; and if a tribute or contribution had been demanded in return for what was then granted, those patriotic spirits who were at that time leading the oppressed people of that insulted country to the attainment of their just rights, would have pointed to other modes of acquiring them; would have called to them in the words of Camillas, arma aptare atque ferro non auro patriam et libertatem recuperare."

Praefatum Domini galeatum, est ita intextum auro, diamantibus, gemmunculis, et orientalibus margaritis, granellis, et dubletis, et praediues in materia et artificio, vt ei non sit aequandus magni in partibus istis Regis thesaurus. Item sicut haec fiunt transeunti Imperatori, fiunt et Imperatricibus, et filio seniori. The English Version.

Had not Augustus been converted on this point, Vergil would never have said of a lost soul: Vendidit hic auro patriam Dominumque potentem Imposuit, fixit leges pretio atque refixit. Augustus would have thought that he and Caesar were alluded to in these lines, which speak of a master given to a free state.

They are, however, divided into clans, of which the following are the principal: Bahawiyah, the race which supplies the Gerads. 2. Jibril. 5. Bakasiyya. 6. Rer Muhmud. 7. Musa Dar. 8. Rer Auro. 9. Rer Walembo. 10. Rer Khalid. I do not describe these people, the task having already been performed by many abler pens than mine. The only specimen of stunted humanity seen by me in the Somali country.

"Momentumque fuit mutatus Curio rerum, Gallorum captus spoliis et Cæsaris auro." Lucanus, Pharsalia, iv. 819 Kaltwasser makes Cæsar say to Metellus, "It was not harder for him to say it than to do it;" which has no sense in it. What Cæsar did say appears from the Life of Cæsar, c. 35. Cæsar did not mean to say that it was as easy for him to do it as to say it.

"As to references in the margin to the books and authors from whom you take the aphorisms and sayings you put into your story, it is only contriving to fit in nicely any sentences or scraps of Latin you may happen to have by heart, or at any rate that will not give you much trouble to look up; so as, when you speak of freedom and captivity, to insert Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro;

Item super thronum et desuper ante ipsius throni locum, tanquam pro celato seu operimento in throno residentium, et eorum ministrantium, est extensa similitudo vitis operata in palmitibus, et pampinis, de auro puro ad extensionem cubitorum quadraginta, per quadrum, atque per eam dependentes botri vuarum de gemmis, et granellis quinque colorum, quorum albi sunt de christallo et beryllo, et iriscrocei de topazio et fuluo christallo, rubei de rubetorum granis, corallo, et alibandinis, virides de Smaragdis, pyropis, et chrysolytis, nigri, de onichinis, gagetis, et gerateris.

"Curtius, who has secured the public health, should be rewarded." "Curtis occidit Clementem. Curtius auro Donandus, per quem publica parta salus." Nor was this all. Pasquin declared, that, on occasion of Clement's death, a bitter strife arose between Pluto and Saint Peter as to which should receive the Pope: "Noluit hunc coelum, noluit hunc barathrum."

For while the majority of the orthodox public, of whom Hesiod may be taken as the representative, looked back, as a great many of our own day still do, to a fabulous age of innocent happiness, a BELL' ETE DELL' AURO, where sin and death were unknown and men and women were like Gods, the foremost men of intellect such as Aristotle and Plato, AEschylus and many of the other poets saw in primitive man 'a few small sparks of humanity preserved on the tops of mountains after some deluge, 'without an idea of cities, governments or legislation, 'living the lives of wild beasts in sunless caves, 'their only law being the survival of the fittest.

"Ilia subter Caecum vulnus habes; sed lato balteus auro Praetegit." Persius. Several days elapsed before the family of the manor-house encountered Aram again. The old woman came once or twice to present the inquiries of her master as to Miss Lester's accident; but Aram himself did not appear.