"And you look dearer than ever, if that could be possible; and what a fine time you've all been having down there by the sea! Dr. Stanley has told me all about it, and" with a grimace "I guess you've been busy, too, doctoring some of the materia medica out of him eh?" "What do you mean?" Katherine inquired, but flushing under the fire of the girl's mischievous eyes.

Throw out opium; throw out wine, and the vapors which produce the miracle of anesthesia, and I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind."

"The most valuable medicines in the Materia Medica act on principles of which we are totally ignorant. None have ever yet been able to explain how opium produces sleep, or how bark cures intermittent fevers; and yet few, it is hoped, will be so absurd as to desist from the use of these important articles because they know nothing of the principle of their operations."

In addition to this he was several hours each day compounding and dispensing medicine, and at the same time keeping pace with his class in the study of materia medica and botany.

Amongst all the Discoveries of America, by the Missionaries of the French and Spaniards, I wonder none of them was so kind to the World, as to have kept a Catalogue of the Distempers they found the Savages capable of curing, and their Method of Cure; which might have been of some Advantage to our Materia Medica at home, when deliver'd by Men of Learning, and other Qualifications, as most of them are.

Man is the measure of all things, as an ancient Greek philosopher asserted; and man has inferred, discovered, and named matter. And how did he do it? He called everything, out of which he made anything, matter; materia first meant nothing more than wood used for building, out of which man built his dwelling. Here you have the whole secret of matter.

If the material units of the existing order of nature are specialised portions of a relatively homogeneous materia prima which were originated under conditions that have long ceased to exist and which remain unchanged and unchangeable under all conditions, whether natural or artificial, hitherto known to us it follows that the speculation that they may be indefinitely altered, or that new units may be generated under conditions yet to be discovered, is perfectly legitimate.

We were seated together one evening, he over his everlasting corrections, and I in some especially herbaceous nook of the Materia Medica, when Tom looked up and said "Jasper, I want your opinion on a passage. Listen to this." Sick of my flowery solitude, I gave him my attention while he read:

Gladstone a Home Ruler, and Englishmen have to remember that this, the only remedy in the whole of their political materia medica which they have not tried, is the one which has effected a cure wherever else it has been applied. I ask, to what does England look forward in a prolongation of the present conditions?

He will much inlarge Materia Medica, Chymistry and Pharmacy, and discover the grounds of them, and wherein the efficacy of remedies lyes, and thereby lay open a whole Ocean for new discoveries, and by the by observe many useful products and Phenomena of Nature, to the great improvement of his Art, and sound Natural Philosophy, which are not taken notice of by Apothecaries, and their Servants; for all which they have neither will nor skill.