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Fallitur, egregio quisquis sub principe credit Servitium, nunquam libertas gratior extat Quam sub rege pio. On Johnson's character, as a political writer, we cannot dwell with pleasure, since we cannot speak of it with praise.

But if you will not allow us to be a free people, there is only another appellation left; which, I doubt, my Lord Chief Justice Whitshed would call me to an account for, if I venture to bestow: For, I observed, and I shall never forget upon what occasion, the device upon his coach to be Libertas et natale solum; at the very point of time when he was sitting in his court, and perjuring himself to betray both.

I have before noticed though I am not sure that you have yet believed my statement of it the significance of Sir Walter's as of Shakspeare's names; Diana 'Vernon, semper viret, gives you the conditions of purity and youthful strength or spring which imply the highest state of libertas.

He looks at the word libertas through his spectacles; can't understand, being a thoroughly good antiquary, how such a virtue, or privilege, could honestly be carved with approval in the twelfth century; rubs his spectacles; rubs the inscription, to make sure of its every letter; stamps it, to make surer still; and at last, though in a greatly bewildered state of mind, remains convinced that here is a sculpture of 'La Liberte' in the twelfth century.

We shall find in the central art of Florence at once the thoughtfulness of Greece and the gladness of England, associated under images of monastic severity peculiar to herself. And what Diana Vernon is to a French ballerine dancing the Cancan, the 'libertas' of Chartres and Westminster is to the 'liberty' of M. Victor Hugo and Mr. John Stuart Mill.

The attorney, or bailiff of the estate, Monsieur Bayou de Libertas, was a kind-hearted man, who, while insisting very peremptorily on his political and social rights, and vehemently denouncing all abstract enmity to them, liked that people actually about him should have their own way.

The change was instantaneous: the red face became mottled with yellow; a thick-fingered, tottering hand made a clutch at the tell-tale ribbon. "Medal!" the man cried, wonderfully sobered. "I have no medal." "Pardon me," said the Prince. "I will even tell you what that medal bears: a Phoenix burning, with the word Libertas."

I cannot show the difference more completely or fortunately than by comparing Sir Walter Scott's type of libertas, with the franchise of Chartres Cathedral, or Debonnairete of the Painted Chamber.

I wondered there were so few beggars about, but the reason is now apparent: these we see are neighbours, come hither only for the three days gala. I was wonderfully solicitous to obtain some of their coin, which carries on it the image of no earthly prince; but his head only who came to redeem us from general slavery on the one side, Jesus Christ; on the other, the word Libertas.

In other words, the fullness of liberty lies in the fullness of reason: summa lex summa libertas. These preliminaries were indispensable in order to clearly appreciate the role of machinery and to make plain the series of economic evolutions.

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