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The said espousals so had and solemnised betwixt the said Edmund and Luce continued withouten any interruption of the said Custance, or any oyer during the life of the said Edmund."

"Nay, I am no judge of that, and I spoke out of no discourtesy. What of the man?" "He has flouted me, Nigel, and I would have revenge." "What on that poor twisted creature?" "I tell you that he has flouted me!" "But how?" "I should have thought that a true cavalier would have flown to my aid, withouten all these questions. But I will tell you, since I needs must.

Spicer South watched the fattening hog that rubbed its bristling side against the rails stacked outside the fence, and then said, with an imperious tone that did not admit of misconstruction: "But, Sally, the boy's done started out on his own row. He's got ter hoe hit. Mebby he'll come back mebby not! Thet's as the Lord wills. Hit wouldn't do us no good fer him to come withouten he come willin'ly.

"If thou thoughtst me so then, what a very fool I must have looked to thee when I so clumsily besought thee for thy favor for my jousting at Devlen. Did I not so?" "Thou didst look to me the most noble, handsome young knight that did ever live; thou didst look to me Sir Galahad, as they did call thee, withouten taint or stain."

"No fault, my fair lord, but a virtue: for how many rich ransoms have you won, and yet have scattered the crowns among page and archer and varlet, until in a week you had not as much as would buy food and forage. It is a most knightly largesse, and yet withouten money how can man rise?" "Dirt and dross!" cried he. "What matter rise or fall, so that duty be done and honor gained.

'If thou wilt have a horse but I urge it not to go to Hampton where thy fellows of the guard are for, having served well ye may once more and without danger rejoin your mates if ye will have such a horse, go to the horseward of the palace and say I sent you. Withouten doubt ye are mad to hasten back to your mates, a commendable desire.

"The one that received the seed into the good ground is the one that heareth the word and understandeth it." "In hire is hye bewte withouten pryde, Youthe withouten grefhed or folye; To all her werkes vertue is her gyde, Humblesse hath slayen in her, tyrrannye, She is mirrour of alle curtesye; Hir perte is verray chambre of holynesse, Her hand mynistre of fredom and almesse."

We will not be of any occupation, Let such vile vassals, born to base vocation, Drudge in the world, and for their living droyle, Which have no wit to live withouten toyle. Southwest of Barrington lies Charles's Isle. And hereby hangs a history which I gathered long ago from a shipmate learned in all the lore of outlandish life.

He dastn't walk in his own backyard withouten he kept thet log wall betwixt hisself an' ther mounting-side. So long as him an' old Mose Rowlett both lived thar warn't no peace feasible nohow. Cuss-fights an' shootin's an' laywayin's went on without no eend, twell finely hit come on ter be sich a hell-fired mommick thet ther two outfits met up an' fit a master battle in Claytown.

No; if you would liever be a friar's leman than an honest man's wife, you are not the woman I took you for: so part we withouten malice: seek you your comfort on yon road, where never a she did find it yet, and for me, I'll live and die a bachelor. Good even, mistress." "Farewell, dear Luke; and God forgive you for saying that to me."

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