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As he passed the second class compartment reserved for ladies he heard a low, tremulous voice exclaim, "Oh, if I could only make them understand that I'd give the world for a cup of tea!" George, if uncouth, was a practical man. His prompt voice rang out, "Qui hye, ek pyala chah lao!"

"'Cause I'm nearly done, sir; and Billy Wakes looks quite. Billy ought to eat nice and joocy, messmates." "And old Tom Jecks tough as leather," cried Wakes. "That's so, matey," growled Jecks, who began to pass his tongue over his lips, and to make a smacking sound with his mouth. "My hye, matey, you do seem hungry," said one of the others.

The Wizard handed the mirror back to Glinda, for the woodland scene had now faded from the glass. Then those who cared to rest sat down to await Button Bright's coming. It was not long before hye appeared through the trees and as he rejoined his friends he said in a peevish tone: "Don't ever send that Glass Cat to find me again.

"My hye, how that there horse did go till we got to the little public. We stopped once to give her mouth a wash out and a mouthful of hay, and then we were off again, never hardly saying a word, but as we got to the public we pulls up, and Old Brownsmith's brother shouts to the landlord, `Send half-a-dozen men up to the sand-pit directly. Boys buried.

Barney ran up to us, and the gun was dragged to the open gangway, ready for the mutineers, as they still rowed on. "Neb, old lad," cried Bob, "give a hye to the red-hot poker, and when I cries `Sarvice! out you runs with it, and hands it to me." "Ay, ay," growled Dumlow, in his deepest bass. "It's all right, Mr Dale, sir," whispered Bob.

Scip, walking his nag, drew near the cowboy. "Hye thar, honey, got any 'bacco?" "Plenty, blacky, plenty," "Den give me some." "What is it, Chip?" asked the cowboy as Moriarity swept out of sight. "We have work to do to-morrow night, Barney, you must get the boys together, go down the divide to the ford and cross over, ready to come when I whistle. To-morrow night we must bag our game."

No one spoke, but all walked on in silence, for the man's coming seemed to have damped the conversation; but the opportunity for making himself heard and showing his importance was not to be ignored. "They're very clever," he said in a high voice, so that the squire and Mr Marston, who were in front, could hear; "but I've got my hye upon them."

"There the most daintie paradise on ground Itselfe doth offer to his sober eye The painted flowers, the trees upshooting hye, The dales for shade, the hills for breathing space, The trembling groves, the christall running by; And that, which all faire works doth most aggrace, The art which all that wrought appeared in no place." They had taken ship for London, as Mr. and Mrs.

Some of the latter, and particularly Professor Hye, were beginning to be alarmed, and were attempting to hold their pupils in check.

Every Man, the principal personage of the piece, is an allegorical representation of all mankind; and the purpose of the play is told in this sentence, which introduces it: "Here begynneth a Treatyse how the Hye Fader of Heven sendeth Dethe to somon every creature to come & gyve a count of theyr lyves in this worlde, & is in maner of a Morall Playe."

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