"I must look for another pair. Perhaps two of the smallest flowers of that snapdragon which I see growing in the hedge would fit me. I think I should like a pair of yellow slippers."

"Julius and Rosamond by the down train at Willansborough, at 4.50. One of you must drive old Snapdragon in the van for them. They will not mind when they understand; but there's that poor wife of Miles's, I wish she could have come a few days earlier. Her friend, Mrs. Johnson, is to drop her by the express at Backsworth, at 3.30." "Inconvenient woman!" "I imagine that she cannot help it; Mrs.

Rand, unseen, watched the manoeuvres for a while, then coughed to let them know he was there, and presently sat down upon a root of cedar, and gave Deb his opinion of the flower people. Children and he were always at their ease together. "Hollyhocks make the finest ladies," he announced gravely. "Little Miss Randolph puts snapdragon caps upon them and gives them scarfs of ribbon grass."

Milk-worts of all bright and tender tints combined with borage, iris, hawkweeds, harebells, crimson clover, thyme, red snapdragon, golden asters, and dreamy love-in-a-mist, to weave a marvellous carpet such as the looms of Shiraz or of Cashmere never spread. Rarely have I gazed on Flora in such riot, such luxuriance, such self-abandonment to joy. The air was filled with fragrances.

Double! says he; 'there was only one way for him to jump you two young gentlemen out o' that snapdragon bowl you was in or quashmire, call it; so he 'ticed you on board wi' the bait you was swallowing, which was making the devil serve the Lord's turn. And I'll remember that night, for I yielded to swearing, and drank too! The other sailors roared with laughter.

Seed-growers receive many complaints from their clients on this account, but they are not able to remove the difficulty. This experience is in full agreement with the experimental evidence given by the snapdragon, and it would certainly be very interesting to make a complete pedigree-culture with the radishes to test definitely their compliance with the rules observed for striped flowers.

Intermediate forms with respect to stature may also be seen. The opium-poppy, the snapdragon, peas, the Nicandra, and many other garden-plants have not only dwarf varieties, but also some of intermediate height. These, though they are intermediate between the tall and dwarf types, cannot be considered as transitions, as between them and the extremes, intermediates are, as a rule wholly lacking.

I have saved the seeds of the isolated types and before seeing the flowers of their offspring, nothing can be said about the purity and constancy of the type, when freed from hybrid admixtures. The peloric snapdragon has five small unequal spurs at the base of its long tube, and in this respect agrees with the peloric toad-flax.

At its foot are the two most beautiful flowers, though not the most effective, the small yellow snapdragon, or toad-flax, and the forget-me-not. This blue of the forget-me-nots is as peculiar as it is beautiful. It is not a common blue by any means, any more than the azure of the chalk-blue butterflies is common among other insects. Colour is a very constant feature in certain groups of flowers.

I asked. "Most of them," said the Doctor. "But a few rare ones visit me every year who ordinarily never come near England at all. For instance, that handsome little fellow hovering over the snapdragon there, he's a Ruby-throated Humming-bird. Comes from America. Strictly speaking, he has no business in this climate at all. It is too cool. I make him sleep in the kitchen at night.