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A little while later, the old coloured coachman saw them run past the window, where he was warming himself by the kitchen stove. "Daphne," he called out to the cook, who was beating biscuit in the adjoining pantry, "Daphne, what's dem chillun alluz racin' down to de spring-house fo' in de snow? Peah's lak dee has a heap o' business down yandah."

"Wal, it seems you don't," said she, "though I don' deny but you may know heow ter give 'em; an' ez I alluz like ter du w'at good I kin, I'm gwine ter show ye." "Show away," says I; "but I'll be bound, I've knit and sold and eaten up more mittens than ever you put your hands in!" "Du tell!

"No, 'e aint one on 'em," commented a burly farmer, blowing away the foam from the brim of a tankard of ale which was set on the table in front of him. "'E alluz takes just what cooms along easy loike, do Mizter Dubble!" There followed a silence. It was instinctively felt that the discussion was hardly important enough to be continued.

Then he turned to Joçint, whose presence he had thus far ignored, and asked in a peremptory tone: “W’at did Woodson say ’bout watchin’ at the mill to-night? Did you ask him like I tole you?” “Yaas, me ax um: ee’ low ee an’ goin’. Say how Sylveste d’wan’ watch lak alluz. Say ee an’ goin’. Me don’ blem ’im neida, don’ ketch me out de ’ouse night lak dat fu no man.”

You can meet a friendly woman any time, but this one got hold you fust." I writhed to the words. "And that fellow Jim?" I asked. "He's jest a common roper. He alluz wins, to encourage suckers like you. 'Tisn't his money he plays with; he's on commish. Beginnin' to understand, ain't you?" "But the bent card?" I insisted. "That is the mystery. It was the queen. What became of the queen?" "Ho ho!"

He might have refused all bets and got your mad up for the next pass; but you'd come down as handsome as you would, he figgered. So he let go. 'Twas fair and squar', robber eat robber, and we none of us have any call to howl. But you mind my word: Don't aim to put something over on a professional gamblin' sharp. It can't be done. As for me, I broke even and I alluz expect to lose.

Wall, yes,” an admission which he seemed not yet willing to leave unqualified; for he went onIt don’t do to alluz speak out open an’ above boards, leastways not thar in Cornstalk. But I’ll ’low to you, it’s my opinion the colonel acted hasty. It’s true ’nough, the young feller hed drawed, but ez I said to Tozier, thet’s no reason to persume it was his intention to use his gun.”

It was a gal name' Cindy, w'at libbed wid 'er mammy in a cabin by deyse'ves. Cindy tuk ter Skundus ez much ez Skundus tuk ter Cindy, en' bimeby Skundus axed his marster ef he could marry Cindy. Marse Dugal' b'long' ter de P'isbytay'n Chu'ch en' never 'lowed his niggers ter jump de broomstick, but alluz had a preacher fer ter marry 'em.

I reckon she would, spite er her gittin' up so in de worl'; fer she wuz alluz good ter ev'ybody, an' dat let even ME in," he concluded with a sigh. "Who is the lady, Tryon?" asked one of the young men, addressing the knight who had taken the handkerchief. "A Miss Warwick," replied the knight pleasantly, "Miss Rowena Warwick, the lawyer's sister."

Wall, do ye know I alluz liked the Westerners a heap sight better than them blue-bellied New England Yankees." No discussion with a Rebel ever proceeded very far without his making an assertion like this.