I must reef or be dismasted and lose all, pirate or no pirate. I must reef, even if I had to grapple with him for my life.

The Indomptable, 80, ran foul of the Resolve frigate, and totally dismasted her. The other frigate, the Immortalité, in which Rear-admiral Bouvet had embarked, though his proper flag-ship was the Droits de l'Homme, parted one of her cables in the evening, and was obliged to cut the other, and run out to sea.

As they crossed the Atlantic, they had encountered the gale to which we have referred, were driven down into the Bay of Biscay, where, as we shall hereafter explain, the vessel was dismasted, and sprang a leak, which baffled all their exertions to keep under.

Those who performed the duty were slung in ropes, that they might not be washed away; and hardly was it completed, when a heavy roll, assisted by a jerking heave from a sea which struck her on the chesstree, sent the foremast over the starboard cathead. Thus was the Circassian dismasted in the gale.

His mind continually returned to Gerrit, to dwell on the vast number of perils held in store by the sea; there was always the possibility of scurvy, an entire crew rotting alive in the forecastle and the ship broached to, dismasted; of mutiny; the sheer smothering finality of volcanic waves.

The flotilla then ceased firing, passing about two cables length ahead of the Rebiera, and making all possible sail for the land. Jack now fired at the flotilla as they passed, with his larboard broadside, while with his starboard he poured in grape and canister upon the unfortunate gun-boat which was dismasted, and, which soon hauled down her colours.

Vanguard dismasted. Great exertions of the Orion and Alexander in refitting the Vanguard at St. Pierre. Sailing of the Toulon fleet. Nelson reinforced by ten sail of the line. Pursues the enemy unsuccessfully. Proceedings of the fleet in a journal addressed by Sir James to his family. French fleet discovered in Aboukir Bay. Battle of the Nile. Conduct of the Orion. Saumarez wounded.

It was now nearly dark; but the weather was favorable, and Paul hoped to get the dismasted galiot into port on the following day. The cutter reached the wreck, and the crew of the gig, who had been pumping and baling diligently, were relieved by fresh hands. The work went on with renewed energy.

If Doria had an uneasy consciousness that he might at any time see the shore littered with oarless galleys and dismasted nefs, while the sea was filled with drowning men, the same vision had been vouchsafed to his imperturbable adversary.

Some were of opinion that the Ouzel Galley had been lost; others, that she had been captured; while several held with Captain Tracy that she was still afloat, perhaps dismasted or waterlogged, but that she would in time find her way home.