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'He is George too, called after his father. Answer me! Why do you want to know the bishop's name? and why do you watch him? 'Ah, my noble Gorgio, that's tellings! 'No doubt, so just tell it to me. 'Lord, lovey! the likes of you don't want to know what the likes of me thinks. Cargrim lost his temper at these evasions. 'You are a bad character, Mother Jael. I shall warn the police about you.

'Beggin' your pardon, sir, he weren't no clergyman, cried John, who was an old servant and took liberties; 'he was more like a tramp or a gipsy. I wouldn't have left him near the plate, I know. 'We must not judge too harshly, John. Perhaps this poor man was in trouble. 'He didn't look like it, Mr Cargrim. He went in and came out quite cocky like.

Also Cargrim desired to find the missing pistol, and the papers which had evidently been taken from the corpse. This last idea was purely theoretical, as was Cargrim's fancy that Jentham's power over Dr Pendle had to do with certain papers. He argued from the fact that the pockets of the dead man's clothes had been turned inside out.

Nay, more, so violent was his dislike to good Mr Cargrim, that he made a few remarks about that apostle before coming to the object of his visit. 'If you were a student of Lavater, bishop, said he, rubbing his hands, 'you would not tolerate that Jesuitical Rodin near you for one moment. 'Jesuitical Rodin, doctor! I do not understand. 'Ah, that comes of not reading French novels, my lord!

Certainly, from a commonsense point of view, Cargrim's theory, knowing what he did know, was feasible enough. Having thus arrived at a point where it was necessary to transmute thought into action, Mr Cargrim assumed his best clerical uniform, his tallest and whitest jam-pot collar, and drew on a pair of delicate lavender gloves.

'Jentham! repeated Dr Pendle, in so complacent a tone that Cargrim, with some vexation, saw that he did not associate the name with his visitor; 'and who is Jentham? 'I hardly know, said the chaplain, making another attempt; 'he is a tramp, as I have reason to believe, and consorts with gipsies. I saw him myself the other day a tall, lean man with a scar.

'I'll judge of that for myself, if you don't mind, drawled the baronet, with a twinkle in his dark eyes, and nodding to Cargrim, he strolled off, leaving that gentleman very uncomfortable. Sir Harry saw that he was so, and wondered why any story affecting Baltic should render the chaplain uneasy. He received an explanation some days later from the missionary himself.

In the face of this choice proverb Mr Cargrim beat a hasty retreat. Altogether Miss Whichello was too much for him; and for once in his life he was at a loss how to gloss over his defeat. Not until he was in Tinkler's office did he recover his feeling of superiority. With a man especially with a social inferior he felt that he could deal; but who can contend with a woman's tongue?

The bishop rose, and walking over to the tea-table placed his cup carefully thereon. 'With a scar, he repeated in low tones. 'A man with a scar Jentham indeed! What do you know of this person, Mr Cargrim? 'Absolutely nothing, rejoined the chaplain, with a satisfied glance at the uneasy face of his questioner.

Will you take something to drink, if I may make so bold, Mr Cargrim? 'No, my friend, no; thank you all the same, and with a nod Cargrim pushed his way into the coffee-room to see the man with the scar. Mr Cargrim found a considerable number of people in the coffee-room, and these, with tankards and glasses before them, were listening to the conversation of Jentham.

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