Start looking. If they're not here, it may mean he's still alive." It was Tom who had thought of looking for Astro's weapons. Refusing to believe that his unit mate had been killed, the curly-haired cadet was examining the torn jungle suit when the idea occurred to him.

Just before twelve o'clock he was left alone for five minutes, and a servant brought in a note. Howard opened it, and taking a sheet of paper, began to write. At the hour a youth appeared, of very boyish aspect, curly-haired, fresh-looking, ingenuous. Howard greeted him with a smile. "Half a minute, Jack!" he said.

Animal life in the sea is very rich; turtles and many kinds of fish and Cetaceæ are plentiful. Native Population The natives belong to the Melanesian race, which is a collective name for the dark-skinned, curly-haired, bearded inhabitants of the Pacific.

'My child, my shepherd boy, he said, and he called Watch after him, and interested himself in establishing a kind of suspicious peace between the shaggy collie and his own 'Minion, a small white curly-haired dog, which belonged to a family that had been brought by Queen Margaret from Provence.

We pay taxes to teach guys like you how to protect us. A lot of good it would do if you were scared of a taxi driver." Tom laughed and settled back in his seat to watch the city flash past. A half hour later the curly-haired cadet became aware of the change from the magnificent crystal buildings to the dirty and streaked buildings of the poorer section of the city.

One, evidently copied from a daguerrotype, was of a curly-haired girl, about fourteen, probably the daughter who died years ago, and another, close at her elbow, was of a lanky boy of eight or ten, wearing a broad straw hat, and grasping a fishing pole, probably Horace, as a child, but there was nowhere to be seen the photograph of him in cap, gown, and hood that stood on Miss Lavinia's chimney shelf.

"We'll all survive even mid year," predicted Miriam confidently. "We had a perfectly lovely time in New York, didn't we, Arline?" asked Ruth Denton, looking at the little curly-haired girl with fond eyes. Arline nodded. "I wish our vacation had been two weeks longer," she remarked wistfully. "I just begin to get acquainted with Father, when it is time to go back to college again.

She despised herself for doubting; yet these were troublous times, and all was fair between sheep and cattle-men. Major Atkins had spoken of the Eastern girl; then that pretty, little, curly-haired creature, whom Judith had found standing in the sunshine, had seen Jimhad heard him threaten to kill. Should she ask her about itconsult her?

Sydney might die first, leaving everything to his widow, and some curly-haired Italian adventurer might get round her, over there in Florence; she might be fool enough to marry again or even adopt somebody!

How much do you ask? Name your figure." Mother Etienne, without answering a word, went off to fetch the Cochin-China hen to show to her visitor. American as he was, he was astounded and was soon convinced that there had been no exaggeration. This was indeed the curly-haired hen. "Well, Madame, how much is it to be? $1,000, $2,000, $4,000? Can't you make up your mind?"