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"Hospital!" exclaimed the young fellow, still smiling sweetly, "thass too bad! Same's my Aunt Polly hic my Aunt Polly's in the hospital, too ole auntie's been havin' twins! Whuzzamatter whiz you?" "I've got a broken arm " Jurgis began. "So," said the other, sympathetically. "That ain't so bad you get over that. I wish somebody'd break my arm, ole chappie damfidon't!

The woman was startled from her reverie and gasped: "Dear me! is this a Hundred and Seventy-second?" "Thass wat I said, didn't I?" She evicted herself with a manner of apology for intruding on the conductor's attention. Now Kedzie was alone with the man. His coyote bark changed to an insinuating murmur.

Play 'Turkey in er Straw. Ah, ye don't know it. Thass reason. Betch don' know it. Don' know 'Turkey in er Straw! Ho! Caw seff ml-m' sishn. Ho! You you you ain' no m'sishn. You you you're zis bluff." Only about half-past eight, too. Think of that! So early in the morning. Ah me! That's one of the sad features of such an occasion.

"And you and Aunt Virginia will stay through the golden wedding as our chief butler and chief baker, as I wrote you; will you?" "Well, er, eh" the old man scratched his head "thass the question, Miss Fannie. Thass what I been a-revolvin', an' I sees two views faw revolution. On one side there is the fittenness o' we two faw this work." "It's glaring," mused Fannie.

But Sophronia jess tuck the rag off'n the bush faw estravagance. Silk dresses, wine, jewelry it's true she mos'ly spent her own green-backs, but thass jess it, you see; I jess had to paht with her, seh! You can asphyxiate that yo'seff, seh. "Now this wife I got now eh?

Bully place, though worth seein'! Ever hear of lones the packer, hey, ole chappie?" Jurgis had started involuntarily; the other, whose sharp eyes missed nothing, demanded: "Whuzzamatter, hey? Heard of him?" And Jurgis managed to stammer out: "I have worked for him in the yards." "What!" cried Master Freddie, with a yell. "You! In the yards? Ho, ho! Why, say, thass good!

Together they walked moodily to the café of Madame Tribault, two squares away. It seemed that madame's mind had been stirred that day to fresh recollections of the past services of the two young men in her behalf. "You mustn't sit by those table," she interposed, as they were about to drop into their accustomed seats. "Thass so, boys. But no. I mek you come at this room, like my trés bon amis.

In fact, Mistoo Itchlin, thass a thing I have discovud, that too much coffee millytates ag'inst the chi'og'aphy; and thus I abstain. Well, seh, ole Abe is elected." "Yes," rejoined Richling, "and there's no telling what the result will be." "You co'ect, Mistoo Itchlin." Narcisse tried to look troubled. "I've got a bit of private news that I don't think you've heard," said Richling.

Seveeah," Narcisse came forward, hat in hand, "I dunno 'ow 'tis, but Mistoo Itchlin always wemine me of that povvub, 'Ully to bed, ully to 'ise, make a pusson to be 'ealthy an' wealthy an' wise." "I don't know how it is, either," grumbled the Doctor. "I believe thass not the povvub I was thinking. I am acquainting myseff with those povvubs; but I'm somewhat gween in that light, in fact.

How he know yo' name?" "I can't imagine!" The Italian waved his hand. "Thass all right, too; nothin' to me." Then, after another pause: "Think you saved my life to-day." "The honors are easy," said Richling. He went to bed again for two or three days. He liked it little when Dr. Sevier attributed the illness to a few moments' violent exertion and excitement.