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Moreover, there died Amis and Amile, for even as God had joined them together by good accord in their life-days, so in their death they were not sundered. Withal many another doughty baron was slain with them. But Desir, together with his judges, and a great multitude of the Lombards, fled away and entered into Pavia; and King Charles followed after them, and besieged the city on all sides.

This was considerable, for the master had prospered and saved money, most of which was invested in the Compagnie des Eaux and the National Debt. Andre-Louis consigned her to the lawyers, and saw her no more. The death of des Amis left him with so profound a sense of loneliness and desolation that he had no thought or care for the sudden access of fortune which it automatically procured him.

"I will be what you will, my Princess," he said. At that moment he could not say more. For the first time in his life he was mute in a woman's presence; and the reason was that for the first time in his life love for a woman had gripped his heart. She rose and smiled at him. "Bons amis, francs et loyaux?" "Francs et loyaux." She gave him her hand in friendship; but she gave him her eyes in love.

Then he departed from the pilgrim, and went his ways to Paris, and found no-whither Amis his fellow. But the pilgrim went his ways forthwith, and about vespers happened on Amis, and they greeted each the other. And Amis said to the pilgrim, had he seen or heard tidings in any land of Amile, son of the Count of Alverne.

Take that mask and foil, and come over here." He led him to the end of the room, where the bare floor was scored with lines of chalk to guide the beginner in the management of his feet. At the end of a ten minutes' bout, M. des Amis offered him the situation, and explained it.

He does not seem aware that anything out of the way has happened; but finally explains that "quelques amis" were passing the hotel, and that Madame must have heard them stop and talk. The incident is apparently too common an occurrence to linger in his mind.

O barbarie! Chers amis, je succombe; et mes sens interdits ... Brutus, son assassin!... ce monstre était son fils! ROMAINS: Ah dieux!

Multiply this by a million-fold and you have the Reign of Terror, the second chapter of the French Revolution. "Aimez les amis du peuple et l'enthousiasme pour la liberté, mais réservez l'aveugle soumission pour la loi," said Lafayette to the Federation of National Guards.

A moment's silence followed, after which Countess Lidia Ivanovna, as though approaching the main topic of conversation, said with a fine smile to Oblonsky: "I've known you for a long while, and am very glad to make a closer acquaintance with you. Les amis de nos amis sont nos amis.

Speaking of one of the four nations of which the Hurons were composed, he says: "Ils ont vne douceur et vne affabilite quasi incroyable pour des Sauuages; ils ne se picquent pas aisement. . . . Ils se maintiennent dans cette si parfaite intelligence par les frequentes visites, les secours qu'ils se donnent mutuellement dans leurs maladies, par les festins et les alliances. . . . Ils sont moins en leurs Cabanes que chez leurs amis. . . S'ils ont vn bon morceau, ils en font festin a leurs amis, et ne le mangent quasi iamais en leur particulier," etc.