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He was now suffered to breathe a little, and something given him to eat, which, with a second cup of liquor, recovered his strength. The husband now demanded his story; and the cauzee, assuming the gesture of a coffee-house droll, began as follows. The Cauzee's Story.

Young Blight was gone, the coffee-house waiter was gone, the plates and dishes were gone, the wine was going but not in the same direction. 'The wind sounds up here, quoth Eugene, stirring the fire, 'as if we were keeping a lighthouse. I wish we were. 'Don't you think it would bore us? Lightwood asked. 'Not more than any other place. And there would be no Circuit to go.

In your way to this famous place of Sabbath evening promenade, you pass a celebrated coffee-house, in the suburbs, called the Leopoldstadt, which goes by the name of the Greek coffee-house on account of its being almost entirely frequented by Greeks so numerous at Vienna. Do not pass it, if you should ever come hither, without entering it at least once.

In the project of canalizing the Suez isthmus perennial theme of Cairo bazaar and coffee-house he recognized his opportunity, and severed his connection with the French Consulate-General in Egypt to promote the alluring scheme, under a concession readily procured from Viceroy Saïd. This was in 1856. Egypt had no debt whatever when Saïd Pasha signed the document.

I had expended much more than my loose money long before I could procure materials even for the first volume of my compilation. One evening I was visited by the tall young gentleman, Francis Ardry, whose acquaintance I had formed at the coffee-house.

Presently the whole party went out to a neighboring coffee-house, where they drank and ate together. When it came time to pay the reckoning the king found that he had no money, nor had his friend. Lord Buckhurst, therefore, paid the bill, while Mistress Nell jeered at the other two, saying that this was the most poverty-stricken party that she had ever met. Charles did not lose sight of her.

"My name," the woman replied to her question, "is Mary." And to another question, "No; I am a yellow girl. I belong to Mr. Louis Belmonti, who keeps this 'coffee-house. He has owned me for four or five years. Before that? Before that, I belonged to Mr. John Fitz Müller, who has the saw-mill down here by the convent. I always belonged to him."

The Governor, to prove his friendship and his interest in my welfare, immediately sent the police to capture the coffee-house keeper who had recommended the cook. No sooner was the unlucky surety brought to the Divan than he was condemned to receive two hundred lashes for having given a false character.

I protested earnestly against any such thing; told him I was sure we were doing nothing wrong which was, indeed, my belief; entreated him to be merry and enjoy himself, and succeeded so well, that in a few minutes we had started in a flutter of gaiety and excitement for Coffee-house Yard. It was a poor place little better than a barn, as Mr.

The very first acquaintance of his own whom Arthur met, as the coach pulled up at the Gloster Coffee-house, was his old friend Harry Foker, who came prancing down Arlington Street behind an enormous cab-horse. He had white kid gloves and white reins, and nature had by this time decorated him with a considerable tuft on the chin.