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"There has been no rain lately, and the water is low, otherwise we should have fifteen miles of a ride over the mountain yonder. Keep close to the rocks! Follow me!" And with this admonition he entered the canon, followed by myself, Gode, and the doctor. It was still early in the evening when we reached the camp the camp of the scalp-hunters. Our arrival was scarcely noticed.

And a myle from Flom Jordan, is the Ryvere of Jabothe, the whiche Jacob passed over, whan he cam fro Mesopotayme. This Flom Jordan is no great ryvere; but it is plenteous of gode fissche; and it cometh out of the hille of Lyban be 2 welles, that ben cleped Jor and Dan: and of tho 2 Welles hath it the name.

Our supper was at length finished, and washed down with a bottle of Paso wine. There was plenty of this, as well as Taos whisky in the encampment; and the roars of laughter that reached us from without proved that the hunters were imbibing freely of the latter. The doctor drew out his great meerschaum, Gode filled a red claystone, while Seguin and I lit our husk cigarettes.

These are the first lines as they are in the MS.: "Herknet to me gode men Wiues maydnes and alle men Of a tale pat ich you wile telle Wo so it wile here and yerto dwelle." That, you see, except for curious spelling, is not very unlike our English of to-day, although it is fair to tell you that all the lines are not so easy to understand as these are.

"Trot over to the cantina, and beg, borrow, buy, or steal, a bottle of the best Paso." "Sall I try steal 'im, Monsieur Saint Vrain?" inquired Gode, with a knowing grin. "No, you old Canadian thief! Pay for it. There's the money. Best Paso, do you hear? cool and sparkling. Now, voya! Bon jour, my bold rider of buffalo bulls I still abed, I see." "My head aches as if it would split."

"Gode you would ask for," said he, interrupting me. "Do not be uneasy on his account. He, too, is in safety. He is absent just now, but will soon return." "How can I thank you? This is good news indeed. My brave Moro! and Alp here! But how? you say my horse saved me. He has done so before: how can this be?"

"Come," said Seguin, touching me on the arm, "our supper is ready; I see the doctor beckoning us." I was not slow to answer the call, for the cool air of the evening had sharpened my appetite. We approached the tent, in front of which was a fire. Over this, the doctor, assisted by Gode and a pueblo peon, was just giving the finishing touch to a savoury supper.

And there is the vesselle of ston, as it were of marbelle, that men clepen enydros, that evermore droppeth watre, and fillethe himself everiche zeer, til that it go over above, withouten that that men take fro withinne. Costantynoble is a fulle fayr cytee, and a gode and a wel walled, and it is three cornered.

At Widewood, whither Garnet and Ravenel led, the travelers saw only Judge March and the scenery. He brought them water to the fence in a piggin, and with a wavering hand served it out in a gourd. "I could 'a' served it in a glass, gentlemen, but we Southe'ne's think it's sweeteh drank fum a gode."

My companions were sceptical, and none of them would go with me; so, wheeling out of the trail, I started alone. One of the men, for Gode was behind, kept charge of my dog, as I did not choose to take him with me, lest he might alarm the antelopes. My horse was fresh and willing; and whether successful or not, I knew that I could easily overtake the party by camping-time.

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