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Anthony felt a sudden hunger of the heart for a woman's love, for tender words to soothe his sadness, for the laughter and kisses of children and he began to ransack his mind for memories of his mother; he could remember being pressed to her heart one morning when she lay abed, with her fragrant hair falling about him.

I saw the new houses saw them plainly enough but they did not affect the older picture in my mind, for through their solid bricks and mortar I saw the vanished houses, which had formerly stood there, with perfect distinctness. It was Sunday morning, and everybody was abed yet.

Citizen Fouquier-Tinville had returned home from the Palais at a very late hour that same evening. His household in his simple lodgings in the Place Dauphine was already abed: his wife and the twins were asleep. He himself had sat down for a moment in the living-room, in dressing-gown and slippers, and with the late edition of the Moniteur in his hand, too tired to read.

It is no wonder, perhaps, that this lady was unaware of her caller's real nature. For Grumpy was careful, as a rule, to visit the farmyard only after dark. And being a person of quiet habits Mrs. Hen was always abed and asleep at that time. Grumpy found it a bit difficult to chat with Mrs.

The moment I knocked at the door she opened it, and asked me what I pleased to want. I looked at her with a smile, but she gave me no smile in return. I had never ceased to write to her, but it must have been seven years since we had met. 'Is Mr. Barkis at home, ma'am? I said, feigning to speak roughly to her. 'He's at home, sir, returned Peggotty, 'but he's bad abed with the rheumatics.

She leaned against the post with an air of fatigue, half moral and half physical. "How ye kin lie thar, abed, Jeff, and read and smoke on sich a night! The sperrit o' the Lord abroad over the yearth and up stage not gone by yet. Well, well! it's well thar ez SOME EZ CAN'T SLEEP."

"'Tis odd what a chance encounter may bring about; but for the Sieur's meeting with the wounded man we should still be snug abed. There is some one stirring at the inn. Old Pierre will be none too pleased at having guests who rise so early; but there, 'twill be another coin or so to add to his hoard." "Pierre is a wise man," I said. "I think not, monsieur.

The justice did not feel well enough to join them. I should think he did not. A pleasant party it was at East Lynne, and twelve o'clock struck before the carriage of the last guest drove away. It may have been from one to two hours after that, and the house was steeped in moonlight and quietness, everybody being abed and asleep when a loud summons at the hall bell echoed through the stillness.

As the railroad train was stopping an old lady, not accustomed to traveling, hailed the passing conductor and asked: "Conductor, what door shall I get out by?" "Either door, ma'am," graciously answered the conductor. "The car stops at both ends." He Had a Good Excuse "Good-morning, Mrs. Stubbins," said the parson; "is your husband at home?" "'E's 'ome, sir, but 'e's abed," replied Mrs.

And she, knowing him not and finding him so kind and gracious, trusted that he would perform that which he tricked her into believing that he promised. For some ten days I lay abed, feverish at first and later very weak from the great loss of blood I had sustained.