'Tis thou? When she had said this, with a smile which would have been quite expressed, though nothing of her had been seen but her pleasant eyes, she replaced her hood again, and they went on together. 'I thought thou wast ahind me, Rachael? 'No. 'Early t'night, lass? ''Times I'm a little early, Stephen! 'times a little late. I'm never to be counted on, going home.

"Perhaps she'll be very glad," said Penelope. "I have often thought that with such a lot of you grown-up girls, and all of you so very rampagious and not a bit inclined to obey or do your lessons nicely, poor Aunt Sophy, what is really a dear old duck of a thing, wants some one like me to spy round corners and find out what goes on ahind her back. Don't you think so?

"I says: "'And so will I be at hand, my lord. "And sure 'nough, I goes and steals inter my lordship's dressing room, unbeknown to anybody, and I hides myself ahind one ob dem thick curtains! And presently sure 'nough my lordship he comes in and rings for Mr. Frisbie. Marse Ishmael, honey, would you mind givin' of your poor old Aunt Katie another tumbler o' rum?

"We gen'ally hide ahind the waratahs or the bamboos, or up a tree's a good place," said Muffie, much interested. If it were hide-and-seek about to begin, this is where Max shone. He laid down his pen and slipped down from his chair. "I'll find her for you," he said. "I find licker than any one. Once I found Paul an' she was lapped up in the sheets in the linen less."

"Wal, we waited, hid ahind th' bushes an' trees, not darin' tew show ourselves an' bein' tew far off tew do any pistol shooting a-hopin' that they'd ride off an' leave th' body of th' man they'd robbed an' probably killed, but they was tew cunnin' tew do that; for, in a leetle while, they throwed th' body, like it was a bag of grain, across th' back of one of th' hosses an' tied it thar; an' then they rode off, a-leadin' th' hoss with th' body on it ahind 'em.

"He saw th' prisoners kill a man three days ago in th' Sacermento Valley! Not unless he's got a double-barreled long-shot gun ahind him that can shoot his body clean from Hangtown tew th' Sacermento Valley in less time than I could take a chaw of ter-backer; for three days ago I seen this identickle man, Skoonly, run out of Hangtown for tryin' tew steal th' gold-dust of a sick miner.

"We will see for ourselves what we think of the family," said Aunt Madge. "Now," said she, after they had ridden a mile or two, "we must get out here, and walk a few blocks to the house. Fly, hold your brother's hand tight." "There's the chamer where the boy lives that says swear words; and there's the boy, ahind the window."

Whether the sogers hev goed down inter the valley or no, they're sartin to hev left some o' the party ahind, by way o' keepin' century. Let's picket the animals out hyar, an' creep forrad afut. That'll gie us a chance o' seeing in, 'ithout bein' seen." The mules being disposed of as Walt had suggested, the two continue their advance.

Flyaway shook her head so hard, that the "war-plume" under her bonnet would have nodded, if the air could have got at it. "Why, where's Hollis?" said she, looking back, and finding, to her surprise, he was not to be seen. "I spected he'd come. I thought I heard him walking ahind me." Flyaway's anger had died out by this time. It never lasted longer than a Fourth of July torpedo.

The bars were soon removed by Youth, who triumphantly announced, as Cha-os walked slowly through the opening thus presented, "Now we're on Ga'ed, an' I'll run along and take down the next bars, if you kin drive. Git along, Tom, you ha'n't got nothin' but two feathers ahind you now." "How far is it to the Light-house?" inquired Mysie, faintly.